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Aug 1, 2004
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As I'm getting these secondary applications back I'm noticing that some schools require a letter from a DO and others just require a letter from a doctor.

I have a few DO's I can ask for letters, but I am currently working in an internship with an MD. For those schools that say either an MD or a DO, would it hurt me terribly to have the MD write me the letter? He knows me quite well and would have a lot to say about the work I have done. I think I remember seeing somewhere on these boards that it is better to have an MD who knows you really well write you a letter than a DO who hardly knows anything about you.

On a side note, I really like the fact that you need to get a letter from a doctor stating you really do have an interest in medicine and would make a competent physician. I also like the osteo schools secondaries since they ask for additional information. It may be a pain writing another essay, but it is nice to know they actually care about what kind of person you are. The secondaries I got back from the few allopathic schools I applied to (because they're close to home) have been along the lines of "Send us $100 or everything stops NOW. Oh, and send the pre-med letter from your college too". It just seems like such an impersonal way to begin your career. One of my friends is calling my osteo secondaries "the happy schools".

I also wanted to say that I'm new to these boards and it's been a really great resource for me!

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