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LOR must be typed and signature must be signed by hand?

Smooth Operater

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May 22, 2004
    I know a dentist who I did an oversea outreach with last year. But He lives in US which is very far away from my home in Canada. So, there is no way for me to see him face to face asking him to writing LOR unless I spend $900 flying down there to see.

    I plan to send him the LOR form by email. So, he can write it and send it back to me by email. However, the problem is that he can not put down his signature by hand. Can I use LOR without signature of author by hand?
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    Adam White, DDS
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    Feb 28, 2006
    1. Dentist
      The schools probably won't want you to have access to your letters, so it would be best for him to send the letters directly.

      However, if you are insistant on sending the letters directly to the schools yourself, the AADSAS sheet is totally unnecessary. Just include your name and AADSAS ID# with the letters. (I had two of my professors do this for my 2005/2006 cycle letters).


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      Dec 12, 2004
        Smooth Operater said:
        but, can he just mail me the letter, and then I mail it to schools I want to apply directly? In that way, it would be a big hassal for him.

        Well, you could either email or fax the cover letter to him to fill out and he can place everything in a sealed envelope addressed to AADSAS and write his signature on the flap. Afterwards, he can put the sealed envelope into a second envelope addressed to you so you can send all LORs at the same time to AADSAS if that is your concern. Normally, the LOR is sent to directly to AADSAS.
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