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Feb 14, 2023
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Hi all,

I wanted to ask for some advice on what to do for my non-science letter of recommendation. I've been worried about this for a little while and I think I may have found a few solutions, although not sure how to approach this.

I know the AAMC qualifies psychology as a non-science, and I'll be taking an elective class (small class size) in the fall with a professor that I'm currently taking a neuroscience class with. I've also taken an intro to psych class with him during the pandemic, but I don't know if me having taken a neuroscience class with him will make the letter categorized as a science LOR or not.

There is someone else I was already considering asking; my research PI, who taught a kinesiology class I took last semester (which is how I met him), has been fairly helpful so far with this process, and I plan on doing my honors thesis with him through doing research of my own. I don't know if it would qualify as an EC letter of rec or a non-science if I were to ask him, or if I could have it count as both.

I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

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I honestly think either of these solutions would work, you just need to ensure that they clearly state in their introduction the context in which they are qualified to evaluate you as a non-science instructor.
If they aren't a professor (or instructor, lecturer, assistant professor, etc) of biology, or chemistry, or physics, or math, then they are fair game as a non-science letter writer. Just my opinion.

The expectation is that having taken the pre-reqs in chem, o-chem, biology and physics, you will have two instructors in that coursework or higher level coursework in those fields to write letters on your behalf. Then the schools ask for one "non-science" letter.
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