1. RH_C

    WAMC Decent stats but very unbalanced MCAT breakdown. Help me with my school list

    Hey guys! Here’s a list of my stat and ECs: ORM, Asian female Residence: GA Official MCAT Scores: 518 (131/125/131/131) Citizenship: US Undergraduate Institution: Emory University Majors: Chemistry BS, Psychology BA Undergraduate Graduation Year: 2023 cGPA: 3.94 sGPA: around 3.87 Clinical...
  2. C

    WAMC | International Student 3.99/509

    Hi everyone, I am an international student applying this cycle. My gpa has been great (3.99) but i just received my MCAT score of 509. While 509 is a good score, i don't feel confident with that score as an international student. Do you think med schools take into account that english is my...
  3. emilyyy.torres03

    Better to wait or apply late to SMP?

    Hello! I am currently a junior in my undergrad and I anticipate applying to an SMP to improve my record before applying to med school. I have been looking at the registration dates for the SMP programs that I want to apply to and I see a lot of the applications for Fall 2025 open in...
  4. T

    Chance me for T20s

    I just want to preface this by saying I genuinely have no desire to get into a T20 school, but I'm curious what people think. My top choice is Stanford but honestly my reason is so unimaginably stupid I'm not even gonna mention it. I really don't care though and I would be very content going to...
  5. J

    Official SHPEP 2024 Thread

    Application for 2024 Opened! Dear future SHPEP applicant, My name is Jaliya Deandrade and I am an ambassador for the Summer Health Professions Education Program. I have assisted many people in their application process to SHPEP, and aim to gain as many people interested in the program as...
  6. P

    Need help optimizing this schedule of courses to best prepare me for the MCAT/best remember course material for the mcat.

    Essentially, I am looking for advice on classes I should move around to a different semester to optimize preparedness for the MCAT while keeping the workload as light as possible. For instance, semester 3 seems rather heavy with ochem 2, physics, and genetics all together so if there are...
  7. M

    What if residency match process was applied to med school admissions

    What would be pros and cons. Pros: One date it’s all over Everyone gets one seat Colleges still get to interview Horseplay is avoided Anxiety is reduced More Humane treatment of some of the best Cons: May be students don’t get to go where they would if they had multiple A’s. Well yes they...
  8. AlainDaniel

    MS in Medical Education

    Have you heard of a MS in Medical Education? NSU seems to be the only school that offers it for BS degree holders (or above) Harvard and Upenn offer it but only for physicians. LECOM also offers it but only for physicians and Med students. This is NOT a bridge MS program where you take some of...
  9. ush02

    LOR non-science advice

    Hi all, I wanted to ask for some advice on what to do for my non-science letter of recommendation. I've been worried about this for a little while and I think I may have found a few solutions, although not sure how to approach this. I know the AAMC qualifies psychology as a non-science, and...
  10. P

    Withdrawal email response

    Thankfully I'm in the position where I've received a bunch of acceptances and wanted to withdraw from the schools I'm not considering anymore to open up spots for others. When I've emailed my withdrawal notice to some schools, they've responded and asked me to share more about why I'm...
  11. P

    Advice on areas of application to improve on

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on areas of my application that I should focus on improving upon. For some background, I am a Michigan resident and currently a senior, projected to graduate at the end of this semester. I applied during the 2022-2023 cycle and am currently on the...
  12. dihedralsymmetry

    Have I been misinformed about projected hours?

    I was told as a young naive premed by a medical student at a T20 that projected hours were fine, especially for clinical hours if I had a hard time getting them during undergrad, and to focus on my grades/MCAT/research while in school. They said "you can easily rack up 2000 hours during your...
  13. L

    Does anyone have any positive waitlist stories? Really down in the dumps and would love to hear something good.

    Got waitlisted at 1 school the only interview I got this cycle and holding out onto a little bit of hope still. Does anyone have any positive stories they can share, please?
  14. D

    2023-2024 Potential Applicant Question!

    Hi! Making this post for a friend and hoping I post in the right location. He was planning to go to an international volunteer program and apply in the summer of 2024. However, now he is thinking of applying this summer. He got accepted to the volunteer program and is now unsure of what option...
  15. ApplyPoint

    Waiting or Waitlisted? Try to Maintain Your Enthusiasm

    If you're still waiting to hear from a medical school or you are on the waitlist, you can bolster your chances by continuing to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the program. After sending a letter of intent or update letter, consider the following ways to showcase your interest. Follow the...
  16. C


  17. B

    Would having disability accommodation for anxiety and OCD decrease the value of my med school application? If so, by how much?

    Hello Members of SDN, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. :) Quick Summarized Question: I have OCD and just started a post-bacc program for med school. I am considering applying for disability accommodations, but am concerned about how med schools will perceive that. Would having disability...
  18. M

    New York Postbacc - advice for someone limited due to health & finances

    Background: 4.0 GPA as a psychology (neuroscience concentration) and journalism major at a SUNY school. Already completed a couple of science courses, i.e. GenChem I and Genetics. I am 29 and have 8 years of clinical research and shadowing experience in immunology, epigenetics, and neuroscience...
  19. S

    Am I too behind to realistically apply for the upcoming AMCAS application cycle?

    Hello, I was hoping to get some opinions or advice (maybe words of encouragement?) regarding my situation. I am currently a Junior pursuing Pre-Med, but I have yet to take the MCAT and have had trouble finding a physician to shadow (especially with the restrictions due to the pandemic the past...
  20. C


  21. N


    I am a Sophomore at my university now, wishing to pursue Medical School in the nearby future. I have been actively trying to collect every single shadowing experience I can and thanks to my husband contacts (he is a FM resident), I have been able to get some hours. So far I have shadowed a FM...
  22. C

    Extra-curricular advice

  23. P


    I am looking into biomedical master programs and I came across SCU. It seems very sketchy. Undergrad acceptance rate is 100% I applied and I heard back the next day that I got accepted.... which made me really worried because they only needed transcripts and personal statement. Has anyone...
  24. H

    Where can I find the best CARS Passage?

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my content review for the MCAT which I'm planning to take on January 21st. I'm thinking about doing 1-2 passages 6 days a week. What do you guys recommend I do? What resources do you all recommend? Thank you so much
  25. sunjoonkim0

    If I take pre-req course during my graduate program, does it count as the post-bacc GPA on the med application?

    Hi everyone I am planning to attend the MS neuroscience program this coming spring. If I decide to take some of the pre-req courses during my graduate program, would these be counted as Post-Bacc GPA or Graduate GPA in my medical school application?
  26. G

    Is it Worth It?

    Hello, I am a sophomore pre-medical student and I was wondering whether if would be unrealistic for me to continue on this pre-med track. Freshman year, due to a general state of depression and indecisiveness regarding my career choice wrecked havoc on my grades, especially during the second...
  27. D

    Is This Appropriate for an Adversity Secondary Question

  28. Krosellobrown

    Seeking advice for undergrad and med school journey

    Hi! So I recently realized I would like to pursue a career in Reproductive Endocrinology. I've actually always had interest in family planning, woman's health and hormonal changes and I myself have been diagnosed with PCOS. I'd like advice on the best route to achieving that goal. I.E. what...
  29. F

    FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Fall 2021

    Hi guys, I’m trying to find some information in this program and can’t find a recent thread. I was just accepted and am considering it, I see that their inaugural class had 40/48 students go to medical school and 14/40 went to FIU; of those 14 who attended HWCOM they all matched into residency...
  30. S

    Pre-Med Student: Is a 3.6-3.8 GPA still possible for me?

    Hey guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I am a college junior (undergrad). I am also a Pre-med/pre-health student. My current, overall GPA is a 3.57. I am expecting my semester GPA for the Spring 2021 semester to be a 3.11-3.3. Thus, this will lead to a drop in my cumulative GPA...
  31. throwaway302

    Question about Pass /Fail

    Hey guys, So I'm a sophomore CS + Med Anthropology major taking 5 classes right now. At the beginning of the semester I was planning on doing a BS in CS, which requires Calc 3 and other math courses, but I have since moved down to a BA track which doesn't require any more Calc classes (have BC...
  32. P

    NSSR Masters Program or part-time RA job

    HI all! Thank you in advance for your assistance. I spent this year applying to Psychology Masters, Psychology Post-Bacc, and Pre-Med Post-Bacc programs (to pursue Research Psychiatry). My background is in the Social Sciences (high undergrad GPA, only 1 intro psych and 1 intro neuroscience...
  33. sleempk61796

    What are my chances with this downward to upward trend?

    Hey guys. I am an aspiring medical (MD/DO), underrepresented student (Physics Major/Maths Minor) and I have been freaking out over the fact that my undergraduate grades for sGPA has shown a downward trend! I ended up getting only 3 C+s in my upper-level physics courses (Quantum Physics...
  34. futureorthodr

    Online Social Science Prerequisites

    Hello! I am a second-year biology major at a LAC in NC graduating in 3 years total (dual enrollment in high school). I will be taking my MCAT in early 2022 before I graduate in May 2022. Because of this, I have been arranging my MCAT prep schedule and have discovered an issue taking psychology...
  35. T

    School Prestige vs. Peer Advantage vs. Student Support - What Undergrad School Equates to Success?

    Hey everyone, I’m facing a big transfer decision and am looking for some help in working through it in my mind. I am at community college now, have a 4.0 GPA and have applied to transfer to Stanford, CAL, UCLA (via Honors TAP), UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis (via TAG), UC Santa Cruz & Santa Clara...
  36. T

    Dental student applying to medical school

    Hi all, Long story short, I am a dental student who will be applying to medical school (MD) this upcoming cycle after much deliberation. Dentistry no longer serves my interests as I am very interested in the biomedical sciences, and want to focus on healthcare outside of just the oral cavity...
  37. dylanjetttyler

    Help with Pre-med Timeline for Student Starting in Spring

    I'm an EMT starting undergrad as a bio major this spring. I've looked over a couple timelines for pre-med as well as my college's degree map. My question being, will I need to take summer classes in order to be ready for the MCAT, because of my spring semester start? Looking at the degree map...
  38. T

    Dental student considering the switch to medical school

    Hi all! Just wanted some opinions here. I currently go to a dental school who shares the exact same curriculum as the medical school during the first year. In undergrad, although I was very interested in medical school, I decided against it due to multiple disgruntled doctors who told me to...
  39. chunkyfilms

    Should I take another semester of science courses and re-take 1yr of General Chemistry?

    I graduated from college almost 2 years ago but I've been doing a DIY post-bacc among working and other things. I'm currently taking 3 courses this semester but in 8-week sessions. Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4 credits) just finished a few days ago and I got an A (4.0). Now I have Anatomy &...
  40. N

    I applied Early Decision and had my interview in august, need some thoughts

    Hello, I applied Early Decision to a medical in the same state I was born, raised and went to college in. My GPA and MCAT are slightly below average based on the medical school, but 3 of my 4 letter writers are faculty members at the medical school, one of which is a department chair, and I...