LOR without letterhead? SOS

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Hi! I graduated last year, and when I reached out to a professor who had written me a LOR for med school last year, I found out that she had left the institution. She says she would definitely still submit a letter on my behalf (which I have reason to believe is super strong). However, she no longer has a letterhead because she is no longer affiliated with an institution. My pre health advisor said that there should be no issues. However, this LOR is from my non science professor. I have 2 LOR from science professors in addition to a LOR my boss (a PhD) from my gap year. Should I reach out to another LOR for non science or will the one she wrote for me without the letterhead work?

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School specific on whether letterhead is needed or not. Contact the schools directly
My guess is that a personal letterhead would suffice as long as the evaluator in her letter indicates her position at your old university, that you took her class and the semester or year. But this is a total guess as I am an applicant myself and it is probably a good idea to contact schools and ask, as recommended above.
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