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LOR worries


Full Member
Jul 21, 2010
New York
    reapp-- finished with all secondaries...just waiting for LOR from clinical research advisor (been in Africa since beginning of July-- no one knows when she will return)

    average stats/ NY applicant....I am just worried how long I should wait for this LOR..or if I should just take it off so I can be complete, and then when she finally submits it send it to schools then?

    Any thoughts?


    The Friendly Reapp Cat
    7+ Year Member
    Aug 17, 2012
    One of the least sought- after postal codes
    1. Medical Student
      Can you contact her by email or phone?

      If not, if the letter isn't necessary, I would just remove it. I don't think one letter will make or break your app, but being late definitely will.

      From the way you described it, it sounds like it may take an unknown amount of time for her to complete and send the letter. That's never a good thing.


      Full Member
      Jul 21, 2010
      New York
        I can't unfortunately-- she is in Africa, and is difficult to reach by email/ phone when she is in the states....

        so I am deleting the LOR's because they are taking forever to write it, and I will assign it to the schools when I actually receive it...but do I need to contact all the schools to say it is no longer assigned?

        Thanks for all the help!
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