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Apr 10, 2014
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On my AMCAS application, I have a premed committee letter sent 7 in (6 letters + 1 committee letter). The committee letter is the same as the one on my last year’s application, when I was in college. This year I am applying again and am involved in 2 research projects. One of is through a my mentor I was assigned to by my one-year Masters (1) and the other is paid lab work under a different mentor (2). For the MCW secondary they said the highly recommend I get a letter from a graduate program mentor and EVMS has my application on hold as they require a letter from her (1). I am going to have to ask my Master's mentor for a recc for those 2 schools. My mentor through my other project likes me a lot more. He (2) would write a much stronger letter for me. I thought I should send ask him (2) to send an additional letter to all of the other schools I have applied to to help give context for my gap year and because I think if his letter would be very strong. I could also wait to ask for a letter until post interview, or while on the waitlist as part of an letter of update, though I like idea of using it earlier more.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea?
If I should ask him for the letter, does he send it in to the admissions' email accounts or to their mail it to their mailboxes - how should it get sent it in?
Should I call/email all of the schools I have applied to and see which ones would want the letter and which ones would not?
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