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Discussion in 'Optometry' started by l2en, Dec 20, 2005.

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    AHHH! i'm having such a hard time trying to get a letter of reference from one of my profs. So far i have emailed two of the ones i thought would have no problem with writing one and they both did not sound enthused and stated that they don't know me well enough to write me a letter. But the thing is...almost all of my classes at the University were LARGE with an average of about 250 students per class...so how are we expected to really get to know any of our profs?? :( any suggestions? how did you guys get your profs to help you out?
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    I went through EXACTLY the same thing. The letters of rec requirement was the only thing that kept me from turning my apps in in September as opposed to December. What others have recommended is if you were close to any TA's you had for labs, ask them to write a letter and have your professor co-sign it. I did this for my letter to ICO and it was fine. The TA knew me very well, and the professor trusted the TA's judgement and was happy to sign the letter. Make sure that this is OK with each of the schools you are applying to. Also, keep asking different professors. I was turned down several times because the professors said they didn't know me well enough. (It didn't matter that I had an A in their class, and a 3.65 overall...) Finally, I sent an email to one professor and told him the whole story, how I'd been denied, was desperate, etc. and he met with me a couple of times so that he could get to know me. He ended up writing me a decent letter, so it all worked out. Let the professor know that you can provide them with your resume, transcripts, personal statement, and anything else that will help them get write a better letter. Best of luck... p.greeneyes
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