My sister was recently dismissed from Optometry School and was wondering what she could do?

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Dec 9, 2022
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Hey guys, my sister was 2nd year optometry student and just found out she has been dismissed from the Illinois college of Optometry. For the past three quarters, she mainly made Cs and C-s and did not meet the academic requirements (they gave her multiple chances and she saw an improvement near the end, but it wasn't enough). She is pretty devastated and doesn't know what to do from here.

She attempted an appeal, but didnt get anywhere with it. She thought about reapplying, but the school told her that they would notify the school she would apply to about her dismissal being academic related. Before she got dismissed she was incredibly passionate about optometry school. I would argue that she still is from my conversations with her. Do you guys have any advice for her? Either from personal or anecdotal experience. Anything would be appreciated? Is she doomed? Can she even reapply? What should she do to improve herself?

For reference:
3.2 GPA
310 OAT

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I know two people who failed out like your sister. One person applied to another optometry school and now she's 4th year. Another person went a completely different route and is now in a vet school. So depends if your sister really wanna do optometry or not.
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