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Aug 28, 2012
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So I just decided to apply DR and I'm pretty anxious about not having any good letter writers. I was deciding between ophtho and rads up until last week and finally decided rads was a better fit. I am staring a rads elective this week, so a letter for rads is possible, but it's the other letters I'm worried about. I was an average third year student. Did okay grade wise since the shelf always helped, but I don't feel I made a great impression on a lot of attendings. I either spent most of the time with residents and the attending was hardly around, or the attending was a hard ass I just stayed quiet. I also messed myself up as far as A-Is are concerned since the ophtho elective took up a month.

My strongest interactions with attendings were definitely during ambulatory rotations like FM, outpatient peds, and pulmonary medicine, but all three of these rotations were done outside of campus with private practice doctors who are "associate professors" only by name so that we can work with them. I'm not sure they'd be very strong since they're not academic physicians. I'm feeling pretty stressed about this. I take CK in late September and will use that month to study. I feel like I have no time to get good LORs now.


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Sep 18, 2012
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I had one of my 4 letters from an "associate professor" at a remote FM site I spent a month with and it was one of my best LORs. Id say you can definitely include one of those and be fine.
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