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  1. B

    I regret choosing the wrong med school.

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever post here. I made my decision to commit to my med school a few days ago and I have been regretting it every day since. I chose to go to a cheaper med school that would theoretically reduce my total debt after my 4 years by about 150k. However, the school is new...
  2. B

    Research right before starting med school (deferred)?

    I’m taking a year off before med school to address some health issues that came up (Matriculating in 2023). Currently, I’m also writing a case study on cardiac defects with a fellow and attending from a different medical school than the one I’m going to attend, and hope to get it published in...
  3. Okita814

    Med School options as International student in Canadian University Undergrad.

    Hello, I’m a second year undergrad from Japan currently studying Molecular Biology in Canada. I’m an international student and after lots of consideration, it was deemed that getting into Canadian med school is impossible. I can’t get a PR quick enough and I don’t have the time to waste two...
  4. J

    Chances of an MD/PhD

    So, I am trying to apply for an MD/PhD program at either UF or UAB and I was wondering if anyone knew the statistics on those schools. I am a double major in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences with a double minor in Mathematics and Honors; I take the MCAT for the first time in August, and I...
  5. B

    How have you guys felt since this whole pandemic began?

    So out of curiosity how hectic and difficult was med school for you during this pandemic? Whether you're in the first 2 or later 2 of your years of med schools. Do you guy's mind telling me what it was like for you? I am currently a premed student and was wondering what med school is like...
  6. M

    Drexel pathway to medical school - DPMS

    Hi, I’m making this thread because I couldn’t find any RECENT AND NEW forums about DPMS, everything was 10+ years ago. I’m really interested in this program but I would love to get some feedback from anyone who knows anything about it, or previously/currently attending? Is the program good...
  7. T

    How to choose SMP program

    Hi Everyone! Couldnt find much information about this so I need some help!! Currently have a 2.8 cgpa with a not so good trend. I was able to get a 518 MCAT and have pretty good EC’s. Was looking into DIY post bacc but to be honest, can’t afford it. Was hoping for an SMP somewhere but do you...
  8. MasterTheMMI

    MMI Interview Prep and MMI Coaching from a Resident Physician-$75/hour

    I am currently a third year resident physician with extensive experience in MMI interviews, MMI question development and MMI Coaching. I remember how stressful medical school and CARMS interviews can be, so I wanted to create a coaching service that can help you excel in your interview and...
  9. U

    Caribbean withdrawal to US MD school odds?

    Hi everyone, Long time reader first time poster. 2 years ago I made a mistake and went to a Caribbean med school - SGU (I never applied to a US med school). However, I was only there for 2 weeks as my first week in I became violently ill and hospitalized. I stayed in the hospital for the second...
  10. J

    Research year AFTER med school?

    Hello, I'm new here. I will be graduating med school July 2022. I am a US-IMG looking to match into Gen Surgery or Urology Residency in the US (goal is in Texas). I understand matching is very competitive for IMGs. After looking at the requirements, most programs require 3 Letter of...
  11. M

    Stick with DPT or move to PM&R?

    I am only a month into DPT school and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. But I find myself thinking, “should I have gone to medical school?” I think PT is what I want to do. Senior year of high school, when you’re supposed to make a college decision that effects the next 4-6 years of your life, I...
  12. N

    3.7/501/TX. Schools to Apply to.

    Hello everyone: I would like to apply as to many medical schools as possible. But I don’t know where I would have a decent chance to get in. I have an undergrad degree in Healthcare management and a minor in Biology. I have a masters in healthcare management with a concentration in analytics...
  13. emilyy13

    Medical specialities/residencies with no night calls

    Hi, Last year I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, which is a chronic sleep disorder. My physician told me to have a better sleep schedule, and I'm aware of the decrease of my narcolepsy attacks. I don't want to give up my dream of having a career in medicine, but I also know that I can't work...
  14. J

    What age did you get accepted into med school?

    What age were you when you got accepted into med school? Did you have to go back to get your undergrad or another degree before applying? If so what was your age were you when you went back to college? What is your specialty?
  15. E

    Med school or psychology masters

    Hi, I'm studying at AUB and graduating this spring I was originally a nursing student but my parents and surrounding pressured me to do something (bigger) since I got high grades in high school. I also hated the idea that I will be just a nurse giving IV's and meds for my whole life(too basic)...
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  17. M

    Can I Get Into Med-School? (Very Unique Situation)

    So my situation is very different than most. I have spent countless hours researching and speaking to doctors/medical professionals and have not been able to get a consistent stream of information. I'd like to hear what you guys have to say. In no way am I trying to deliver a sob story or a tale...
  18. B

    Army HPSP: When to complete DCC and BOLC

    I am a current first year army HPSP medical student and I was planning on completing DCC this summer (between m1/m2 year) and then BOLC..idk.. between M4 year and residency? Unfortunately I am unable to complete DCC this year due to them not having enough spots anymore due to the COvid crisis...
  19. M

    Advice for handling pre-med classes?

    I’m switching to pre-med from a psychology/research background and I’m nervous about how difficult pre-med classes may be—any tips on how to best study for bio, chem, and phys?
  20. P

    Dentist VS Doctors (Salary, life style...etc)

    Hi, I am a forth year undergrad in Canada, and I am deciding between dentistry and medicine right now. At the beginning, I was only thinking about doing medicine, but then MCAT CARS turns out to be terrible, so I tried DAT (which is a lot easier than MCAT). I got interview invites for dental...
  21. J

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Residency

    Hi! I am currently a third year medical student and was wondering if anyone had any insight or information on doing a residency in pediatric emergency medicine. I have previously worked in an ER for two years prior to med school and I have found in med school that I absolutely love peds, but am...
  22. A

    Med school or CRNA?

    I could use some advice from physicians, students, or CRNAs. I got my BA in psychology and have done some therapy work over the years, and recently decided to take the plunge and go back to school for either Psychiatry or Anesthesiology. I'm nearly 30 now, which is why I'm hesitating on going...
  23. Premedinaspeedo


  24. D

    Should I go to Med school? I am on the fence. details inside

    Hello! I really need some advice regarding whether I should go to Med school or not. It is going to be long so the Basic question is- should I go to Med school if I think about going to biomedical research? shouldn't a PhD be sufficient? The following details are important in order to...
  25. Perchperkins

    Being Pre-med and Having a Social Life

    Hey so i’m a freshman on the premed track. Whenever I say that I’m premed I hear people say that premed students have no social lives. I understand that choosing a career in medicine requires sacrifices and dedication. However, I still want to be able to have time for fun, family and friends...
  26. S

    Rutgers Research Assistant Program

    Hey, this is my first post on SDN, so I apologize if I am breaking any sort of rule by posting this here. I have a couple questions about the Rutgers Research Assistant Program, so if anybody has done this before, or knows about it, I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions. 1...
  27. F

    Interview Invites Still Going Out?

    I've seen on a couple of threads that some schools are still sending out II. Can this be? Is it because of the new rules? Or are these people just lying (why, though)? I was surprised when I heard this.... @Goro @gyngyn @LizzyM @gonnif
  28. D

    How much should money matter?

    I'm deciding between two schools and I'm struggling to determine how much money should matter vs fit. If money didn't matter, I would definitely choose Loyola over Penn State because I feel it is a better fit for me. However, there is a major financial difference between the two. I was offered...
  29. E

    Potential DPT Earnings

    Hello members, I seem to be paralyzed in making my decision on pursuing PT... I went on a detour after I completed UG as a pre-PT; will turn 26 next month. I have an acceptance to a PT program starting Fall 2019. However, the debt-to-income ratio is driving me insane. I got my tuition down to...
  30. Dr. ThorStrange

    Should Course Updates be Sent?

    Should updates about courses be sent if they are different than what was included in the application? If the application indicated taking a course but that course was not taken and a different course was taken instead. Grades for prerequisite courses were not available at time of application...
  31. marwalla

    What should I do?

    Hi, I’m a non-traditional Black student. I went to community college first and completed a good chunk of pre-med courses and later I transferred to a university. During my time in CC, I took on 12-19 credit hour course loads (with the permission of my institution), while also taking care of my...
  32. Princeton Medical Student

    NYU announced a new med school in Long Island. Focus on primary care.

    NYU to Open New Medical School on Long Island | Washington Square News NYU to establish Long Island medical school at Winthrop
  33. H

    Medical School chances with low GPA (MD/DO)?

    Hello everyone, I graduated with a degree in Biology with 3.2cGPA and 2.9sGPA. I will be starting a MHA this fall and plan to apply 2020-21 cycle. I haven't taken the MCAT yet but I am planning to take it in the next 2 months (practice Kaplan FLs have averaged around 508). I know that my uGPA is...
  34. Dr. ThorStrange

    Following Medical Schools on Social Media

    Is it ok to follow medical schools on social media accounts? Is it ok to tag medical schools in social media posts? Or is it bothersome/annoying to them? What do you guys think?
  35. S

    D Junior Year. Can I still apply to med school straight out of college without gap year?

    Everyone knows medical school admissions is very difficult and so I'm in a sticky situation here with my grades. I know people who've gotten into top tier medical schools with Cs or even Ds on transcripts but they were all from freshman year. However, I just got a D in my junior year orgo class...
  36. Dr. ThorStrange

    What is Considered Good Experience?

    What is considered good clinical experience? What is considered good non-clinical experience? How many hours is enough to be considered good? Is it better to have less hours in multiple places, or many hours that show commitment to one place? What do you guys think?
  37. B

    Is one 'C' on my transcript bad for med school?

    I am a pre med college student (Biology major) and so far I only have 1 C on my college transcript from an environmental science class. The class was really hard; I had about a 79.69 in the class but my professor refused to round my grade up to a 'B'. All my other grades have been A's and B's...
  38. Iwtpeditw

    Is there hope? Partner needing any and all advice.

    Hello, I am seeking any and all help for my partner who is currently applying to a four year college to start Pre-Med. I have posted a thread once before (you guys are awesome and helpful) but sadly this new information has come to light. I have been updated on the situation and I have found out...
  39. Dr. ThorStrange

    Who is considered URM?

    Who, on this list, is considered URM? Black/African American Hispanic/Latino Native American Hawaiian Asian White (European Descent) White (Middle Eastern Descent) What do you guys think?
  40. RunItsTheCat

    MOOCs as Pre-req Class Replacement

    Hello SDN Non-trads! While searching for more time-flexible and less expensive ways to fulfill pre-requisites for Med school as a working software engineer (with bachelors in Computer Science), I found out about Mass Open Online Courses. I have confirmed with a few Med schools that they do...