Nov 18, 2010
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Hi everyone!
I have really low low gpa like 2.26 cGPA
Its my 5th year since I decided to be a PT last year.
So I do have a year ahead of me to improve it but its going to get nowhere around 3.0.

I had no idea what to do with my life before that w/ depression, family problems, economic crisis and all.
I worked whenever I wasnt in school pretty much all day to pay off expense the living takes and I have a huge student debt too.
Also I took some crazy science classes all at once to try to push my limit but it didnt work and almost got kicked out of school.
Ive looked at 1-2 schools that require 2.5 or 3.0 cGPA in last 60 units, which I am hoping to get my best chance at.
Im guessing that I can pull out ~3.2 to 3.4 prerequisite GPA after retaking some courses at community college after graduation.

I do have some extra curriculum including volunteering at language school, vaccination local events and working in bunch of research projects (including clinical).

What are my chances and how I can improve my stats?


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Jul 9, 2010
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My best advice is just to get as much experience as you can while you are improving your GPA. Not all schools focus in on academics, so try to get yourself in minimum standing, but don't stress about it. Make up for it with clinical experience in A LOT of different settings. Go to various hospitals, outpatient clinics, neuro facilities, pediatrics, snf's, everywhere! It will boost your resume and show them that you have a varied background. Not to mention, you'll have a lot of stuff to talk about in application essays and interviews!


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Dec 19, 2008
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hmmm...whatever dizzy said its right.

My 1 cent is that you print out a list of all the PT schools (which can be found in one of the stickys above) and go on to each individual website and check if they look at the overall GPA or take the last 60 sem/hrs and narrow down your choices from there to where you want to apply. If you truly want to be a PT some sacrificing may have to be done (as in location of the school from home) so if your just looking at a couple, you may want to expand it.

I know what its like to have a low GPA, so I feel you. I had to take 2 classes this summer just to get it up over a 3.0, because I know that is the main reason why I didn't get accepted the first time.
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