Orthopedic/Sports Residency in Texas (Physical Therapy)

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Jul 23, 2023
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This question is for those who are in a residency program for Orthopedics or Sports in the field of Physical Therpay OR those with experience applying for residencies:

I'm finishing up my PT program in several months. I wanted to know if a GPA on the lower end would still be able to get into a residency. I've seen a lot of residencies say that they want 3.0+ GPA (I know its the minimum), but would they actually take someone with a lower GPA such as 3.1-3.2 GPA? Is there anything I can do to strengthen my application?

Note: Please say your PT school GPA, what residency you are in or applied to, and location of residency. Thank you!

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Have you considered practicing as an Ortho or sports PT for a full-time position? Why not network now and apply for various jobs when you're ready to start? You will be on the staff full-time earning 100% of the salary. Instead of being a student for another year, being treated as a subordinate, and earning about 60¢ on the dollar.

I can't help but think that this just goes along with the narrative of the recent APTA salary report where the stats show horrible trends in our field because we're accepting unfair compensation. The fact that so many grad students are convinced that a residency is the only way to get their foot in the door to Ortho/Sports is disconcerting.
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