Jun 5, 2012
Psychology Student

I just recently graduated from a university as a psych major/biological science minor. I was originally going for a pre-med route and taking all the pre-reqs for medical schools and biological science courses killed my gpa. It was already too late to bring up my overall gpa and I wish I gave up the pre-med route sooner.
After graduation, I realized that I enjoyed studying psychology and began researching for different Master's Programs. I want to apply for IO Psych and clinical psych for incoming fall and I wanted to see what my chances would be.
The following are my stats:

Major: Psychology
Minor: Biological Science
Undergrad GPA: 2.59
Major GPA: 3.22
(56 credits of science courses: gchem, ochem, bio, physics)
Experience: ~2 years as a research assistant, 7 months as college counselor (intern), volunteers at hospital, 2 years as an interpreter
Programs I'm applying to:
1. NYU: IO psych
2. Pepperdine: Clinical
3. CSU Northridge: Behavioral psych
4. CSU San Bernardino: IO Psych
5. PCOM: organization psych
6. Columbia: S/O Psych
7. George Mason: IO
8. Drexel: Gen. Psych

(worked part-time while taking 20 credits for 3 quarters/family troubles, which reduced my gpa.)

I am currently studying for GRE and will be working as a behavior interventionist next month to gain experience.

Please provide me with an advice on what I can do to improve my chances. Would taking some grad-level courses at a near university help? I have already asked three psych professors for LOR.

Thank you and any advice will be appreciated.