Lower Credit Load, 4 Withdrawals, & 4.5 Years

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Feb 1, 2024
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Hi, I'm a senior and my credit load looks like this with a 3.88 GPA:

Fall 16
Spring 16

Fall 19
Spring 10
Summer 12

Fall 17
Spring 15 with 4 Ws leaving 6 credits
Summer 6 credits

Fall 12
Spring 12

Super Senior Fall 12

I haven't taken the MCAT yet, since I had to take Physics II. My withdrawals were from a bipolar diagnosis. My 10 credit semester was from major depression which I recovered from, and my 12 credit semesters are because I had to take another semester anyway due to class conflicts. I plan to take a gap year, get some PCE, and take the MCAT. Will I still have a chance of succeding in an acceptance and medical school with my track record?

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If you want a full analysis, fill out a template. Otherwise, as I say, there are no bonus points for overloading your semesters. If you have an explanation for a lighter than full-time schedule, prepare writing or discussing it in your application (explain your transcript prompts).

Also, no bets without an MCAT score. Not sure, but check if you qualify for accommodations.