Made mistake in taking job

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Jan 25, 2013
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What about touching base with their other FM/OB docs and potentially filling in locum shifts for them before you start? Usually, you need proof or a certain number of cases proctored. If you ask them for a few weeks and help getting your feet wet there ie by being proctored, or being primary with another attending being second assist that might help with some of the nerves. I would bet they'd rather help you get comfortable and transition rather than have to recruit another doc.

It sounds like you're scared of the unknown and getting some experience there can alleviate that.

Now if you don't *want* to do it that's a different story entirely.
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This sounds like an unsafe situation, be honest, they are not going to compromise patient safety
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how many C section cases did you do during fellowship? Is there a backup OB in house? Is there a surgical assistant? is there a laborist/midwife? ICU, gen surg, 24 hour anesthesia?

can you first assist in C sections at your locums?
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I think the problem is no matter how many I do I will never feel ready. I think it’s more of an issue with me realizing my personality isn’t suited for this. There is OB backup in house 24/7. I used to be excited by OB and now am faced with the liability and risk and it’s not what I think I actually want. But I’m stuck with this job for at least the duration of the contract.
I would try to see what the penalty of getting out of the contract is. Just tell them you are uncomfortable doing OB. They might try to get you a different job in a clinic setting, or just have you out of the contract- but have a certain non competence mileage where you are not allowed to work. Be honest about what you can do, you cannot do surgery just because you did a surgery rotation in your FM residency.