Mailing Address Problem

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Aug 25, 2006
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I'm about to move really soon and I'm concerned about what I should do regarding the mailing address on my applications. I've already submitted everything to the schools, so now I'm pretty much waiting for any responses.

Should I notify all the schools I've applied to regarding my change of address or can I just use the post office's forwarding service. The way I see it is that the schools are probably too busy right now going over the applications so my request to change the mailing address right now might come as a hassle. If the mails from these school are not "non-forwarding" mails then it shouldn't be a problem. Has anyone dealt with this before or can offer some advices?


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I would definintly call the schools to notify them of an address change because the post office has a delay between the time that you fill out the change of address to the actual time that your mail get forwarded. I don't think they're that busy that they can't do an update of your address.