Jul 14, 2009
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
hi everyone, this is my first post but i have stalked these forums for quite a while! here is my dilemma- i am currently pursuing a bachelors of science in allied health and i plan to go to grad school for an mot program. because of all my highschool AP credits and taking a few classes over summer my schedule is pretty freed up for my second two years. so i will be in my third year at university of connecticut but i have been at a junior status since last semester.

i can either-
option A- double major in psychology (ba) and allied health (bs).
option B- major in allied health (bs) and double minor in gerontology and psychology
option C-major in allied health (bs) and minor in gerontology and graduate a semester early.

here are my thoughts- i really want to take the gerontology minor, because i have worked in 3 nursing homes and i definitely would like to do OT within the geriatric field.

But i feel like applying for grad school with a double major looks better then a major/minor. am i being too prestigious for thinking this? also, graduating a semester early would save me about $8000 in cash and $5000 in loans. also, if i were to graduate early i would be working full time in the nursing home for my semester off because every grad program i am looking into is a fall start only.

while saving money is important, i feel like impressing the admissions office will be much more beneficial.

anyone have any input for me? im torn between the double major or graduating early. option B is just kind of there :p


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Apr 8, 2009
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I say graduate early and get the experience. Schools look for people who are well rounded if you have identified this is an area you want to work in, what's wrong with getting the extra experience working? Plus you can use that to discuss in your personal statement for your application and in the personal interview if the school you are applying to requires it. Also the saving money part is great you'll need that money for grad school. I say get out early and work for the experience.


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Jun 18, 2008
IF you are sure you are after the MOT, remember that while a school appreicates your direction and dedication to the aged, they are going to train you for ALL fields of OT. I think they will look at your required pre-reqs like all the people who dont have the gerentology major...

I see administrators (and aspiring admissions cooridinators who want to be administrators) and social workers going after gerentolgoy the most.
Gerentoligists dont bill the goverment, so their employment appeal is limited.

Get out early and save some scratch, you'll need it.