Apr 11, 2018
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Hello all, was hoping to get some opinions. If one were pursuing the academic route in anesthesiology, with sights set on leadership positions (this is purposefully vague), what would be the current opinions regarding masters training post fellowship graduation? I see many division directors, chairs, PDs etc with MBAs, MPH, MEd, etc. In the Article "Mission Possible: Successful Careers in Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology—What I Wish I Had Known in the First 5 Years After Fellowship," Dr. Glas comments on the benefits of masters training being helpful in developing core skills that have benefited her throughout her career.
For those of you pursuing an academic and/or leadership tract, can you comment on how this may or may not have benefited you, and which Masters degrees lend themselves most to a successful career in academic leadership?
For background, I am currently in fellowship and would like do what I can to best benefit myself for positions of advanced responsibility while focusing on clinical responsibilities (i.e. no hugely research driven).
Thank you in advance for any insight that you may be able to provide!


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May 5, 2005
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Like most things, it isn’t what you have, but how you use it. Even business administration will require a solid original clinical research pedigree to advance at most mid-upper level institutions, though if you goal is teaching then I really don’t think a master’s degree will be that helpful, but also, original research will be required. The statistics can be learned on the job.


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Apr 7, 2017
Look into exec Ed programs. Most big name institutions offer these. Most, if not all, are on hold in the pandemic era but should be back up and running in the Spring.
Mar 10, 2019
  1. Attending Physician
Step 1 - Become an academic doc
Step 2 - Have them pay for your MBA
Step 3 - Recognize that the MBA has opened your eyes to some possibilities but is not a blueprint for how to succeed. It is however a stepping stone since credentials are important. Acknowledge that it does not guarantee anything and that the heavy lifting has to do with demonstrating value, solving others problems, and making personal meaningful connections.

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