Matching Academic Cardiology from mid tier Residency

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Jan 29, 2020
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Hello all,

I am a fourth year medical student (USMD) who is interested in pursuing a cardiology fellowship. I fell down my rank list and will be attending a mid tier (~T50) academic internal medicine residency program with a strong in-house fellowship program. My goal for my career is to remain in academics and conduct research while practicing (or at the very least I want to keep that option open). As such I am interested in completing a cardiology fellowship at an academic institution with a lot of research opportunities preferably, at a larger city in the south (ie Emory, UAB, UTSW, Vanderbilt, etc). My step 2 score was ~255 and I will have 1 ACC abstract and 1 cardiology manuscript prior to starting residency.

Given what I've shared, do you think that this a realistic goal, and if so, what can I do to hit the ground running? I have heard that the reputation of your residency program is the most important factor that determines where you end up doing fellowship and I'm wondering if I should be tempering my expectations in light of my match results. Thanks in advance!

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With one eye on the goal you only have one eye on the path.

Start by focusing on the basics aspects of being a good doctor. Immerse yourself, play well with others, learn from your patients, and be deliberate in improving yourself and your practice.

Once you're comfortable with the place and the people, approach the cardiology faculty and express your interest. Do not give any disrespect to the home program or any indication that you're already planning to leave and go somewhere "better." Take opportunities as they come and try to make the most of them. You never know, you may stay on as a fellow, then as faculty, and then have a long, productive, satisfying career at this institution. Stranger things have happened.
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