ICO 2014!
Feb 23, 2010
I took the OAT last october. I scored a 310AA 290TS....I had mono when I took it which explains the low score. i explained it to my schools and I've been accepted to ICO and NECO (the only 2 I applied).

I took a Kaplan live online course and found it extremely helpful. The online workshops you get with the class are stellar and are what made me learn the most.

Oh, and the flashcards that come with the Kaplan materials are fantastic. I took them to class with me and studied in between classes. There are over 1200 cards covering every section on the OAt

I also used the OAT destroyer and the smaller Kaplan OAT book.

If anyone needs an advice or wants my materials (I have tons..) for a reasonable price considering I paid over $1500 for all of them. $200 is reasonable. haha.

just message me. Good luck on your tests everyone!!