1. A

    Locum Physician OB/GYN Owosso, MI

    A hospital is looking for a locum to cover ASAP - ongoing for at least 3 months. ASAP - ongoing, at least 3 months with the potential to extend Open dates: October 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6; November 7 & 9 M-F, 8a-5p + every other day and every other weekend call Will consider candidates who can do...
  2. Metamorphosis.DO

    Best FM Residency for Women’s Health Interest - Lots of Qs

    First, thanks for reading this! I know it is long. I am pretty set on FM. I love it to death. I also really love women‘s health. While I would love the added bonus of delivering babies, until I get closer to finishing medical school, I’m not sure if I want to dedicate so much of my time to OB...
  3. D

    Low COMLEX wanting OB/Gyn.

    Hi all, I am hesitant to write about this because I really don't need any negativity right now, but I just received my COMLEX Level 1 score and it was way lower than I thought (under 500). I'm pretty disappointed, especially since my predicted was MUCH higher. I'm thinking of doing OB and am...
  4. D

    Pregnancy planning in fellowship

    Hi all! I’m a third year FM resident doing a one year surgical OB fellowship next year. I am getting older and my husband and I want multiple kids (probably 3+). I’ll be 30-31 during fellowship year. The fellowship schedule is strenuous (q2 home call for c-sections, one 30 hour call monthly, one...
  5. T

    Try to match Urology, or go straight for OB/GYN? Advice on how to apply two specialties

    Wondering if 4th years on the interview trail or residents can give some input in regards to chances and if I should give a shot at urology. Below are some stats and info: -3rd year male osteopathic student, Step1 235, COMLEX1 520-530, 3.0 GPA, Step2 and COMLEX2 in May TBD. -3 Poster...
  6. M

    Doing research in one field only to change mind about specialty down the line?

    I just wrapped up a job in Ob/Gyn research at a Top 10 institution. I will be co-author on one paper, and have received offers from PIs to come back next summer to work on other papers and to reach out if I ever wanted to return to the institution down the line (for residency I’m assuming). I...
  7. S

    OB Anesthesia fellowship

    I'm a CA1 at a midwest program. I just recently did my first OB rotation, and I really loved it. I know that our OB department is rather odd in that there does not seem to great communication b/w the OBs and the anesthesia, and is overall slightly dysfunctional. I was hoping that some ppl...
  8. D

    Do I Have A Chance To Match At Stanford OB/GYN With Sub-Par Step 1?

    I got my score back recently, and ended up with a 222, which was significantly lower than I wanted. So now I'm stressed, because it's already lower than the national average, not to mention an Ivy-League standard. I did well on my OB/GYN rotation and got strong comments. I haven't started...
  9. A

    MD Army HPSP Student: Step 1 score too low for OB/Gyn?

    Current M3, into my 6 month family medicine rotation and I've had the chance to shadow in various specialties. After working with an OB/Gyn physician in clinic and OR, I'm starting to really enjoy the specialty. I'll be doing my audition rotations and applying to residency programs next summer...
  10. A

    NP or PA, working in Maternal Fetal?

    I am currently working on undergrad and interested in working in the maternal fetal medicine specialty, but unsure on which path to take, either nurse prac or physician assist. I prefer more of the autonomy I've heard that comes with NP but I've also heard that PAs are more accepted in surgical...
  11. A

    OB/GYN in Australia

    Hi everyone! I'm a German doctor beginning my third year of specializing in obstetrics&gynecology (I think equivalent to a registrar in Australia). I'm thinking of moving (temporarily) to Australia either through the specialist pathway or the short term training in a medical specialty pathway...
  12. Piglet2020

    Case Study - Disrupted Menstrual Cycle

    1) Is it possible for a woman to never have a menstrual cycle? 2) In a separate case, what could cause 1-2 missed periods (and counting) for a relatively healthy young woman who is not pregnant? (No other symptoms)
  13. S

    maternal-fetal medicine and fetal surgery

    ok I'm confused I am intrested in becoming some type of doctor pertaining to fetal medicine. However i know that Maternal-fetal physicans only do fetal intervention not fetal surgery and i want to be surgical. I am also intesrted in fetal surgery but i also want the be involved in treating high...
  14. D

    MD Differences between 4 Hofstra OB/GYN residency programs

    On ERAS I saw four separate Hofstra Northwell OB/GYN residency programs listed (Southside Hospital, Lenox Hill, Manhasset, and Staten Island). I'm not from New York, but am interested in applying to programs in NYC, and was wondering how each of these programs are similar/different? Are they all...
  15. aggie08

    OB/GYN Graduating Resident - Married w/Kids. Ask me anything (AMA)

    Ask me anything. I'm an Ob/Gyn and will be finishing my residency at the end of the month. Female, married, early 30s, 3 young kids (one born in residency). Was a med school reapplicant. Also a *long* time SDN member and appreciative of all the great advice I found here.
  16. C

    Position Wanted PGY1-3 positions OB/GYN

    Hi y'all Completed 2 years of OB/GYN residency training in Texas, did not pass USMLE Step 3 on third attempt. Was let go because of three strikes USMLE rule. Recently kicked Step 3's ass. If anyone knows of any unfilled programs or any PDs, please let me know. PGY1-3.
  17. M

    Best NYC Electives and Residencies in OB/GYN

    Hello. I am a 2nd year medical student. I am interested in pursuing my residency training (+ fellowship + eventual career) in NYC. At this point, I think I am interested in OB/GYN (to eventually pursue REI or MFM). I was considering some of the residency programs in NYC including Cornell...
  18. X

    Changing landscape of ob/gyn

    How quickly is the landscape of ob/gyn changing to become more lifestyle friendly? (ex. some hospitals have laborists, larger call groups) (I am sorry if this has already been posted, I have looked around but have not found much/ the posts I have found are older)
  19. SukItPhaneuf


    I'm doing OnlineMedEd, Uworld. I'll go through case files this weekend. If I wanted one more qbank what should I do - UWise, Pretest, BoardVitals, or something else (don't mind buying something)?
  20. E

    Help me decide on a residency: Obgyn vs. Other

    Any help would be super appreciated! Currently a 3rd yr (female) medical student, have +/- narrowed my choices down to Ophtho and Obgyn. Things that I value: 1) Interesting subject material (I love neuro and physics back in the day so for me: Optho > Obgyn) 2) Relationship with patient...
  21. E

    Why you chose Obgyn despite stressful Lifestyle. Any regrets?

    I'm an MS3 strongly considering Obgyn -> The main things holding me back (and making me consider a different medicine/surgical specialty like Ophtho) is the relatively more stressful lifestyle and schedule in Obgyn. 1) Any advice or words of wisdom? 2) For upper year residents, fellows, and...
  22. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Urology vs. Obgyn

    Any advice would be helpful. I'm an MS3, aiming for a specialty with medicine and procedures/minor surgeries. Important to me: Patient interactions and care Lifestyle (more-so in terms of work-life balance than $)
  23. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Obgyn vs. Other

    Any help would be super appreciated. Have narrowed my choices down to Ophtho and Obgyn. Things I'm looking for: 1) Interesting subject material (I love neuro so for me: Optho > Obgyn) 2) Relationship with patient, "involved" patient interaction; using my skills in patient communication...
  24. E

    Help with Residency: Ophtho vs. Obgyn

    Any comments or advice would be great (Profile: I'm a male MS3, and want to stay in the U.S.) I'm more interested in the level of patient care in Obgyn I'm more interested in the subject material and work-life balance of Ophtho Things that I strongly value/are important to me: -Patient...
  25. O

    Date swap NYU obgyn

    Anyone willing to switch a December 9th NYU interview date for my date on December 2nd? PM me if so!
  26. astrostellar

    Air Force Post-AF Residency - follow-on assignment?

    Hi all. I'm currently AF enlisted considering HPSP, or at the very least, considering military residency (interested in OB/GYN atm). How does post-residency assignment work? Is there a dream sheet sort of system? Obviously it's ultimately up to AFPC, but is there a process of listing preferred...
  27. A

    OB GYN Rotations and Residency

    Has anyone recently gone through OB GYN rotations at any military hospital that could shed light on how they compare? I would also love to hear from any current resident about their thoughts on where to apply to rotate and perform a residency.
  28. O

    OFFICIAL OB/Gyn Interview Invite Thread 2016-2017

    This thread was created last year and was extremely helpful for applicants from my school. Please post dates of when you receive interview invitations from each place as they come in. Simply copy and paste the previous post and add new places to it. Good luck everyone!
  29. PinkyPiePony

    Specialty ideas for someone who loves everything about OB/GYN except...

    Hi! I'm an incoming MS1 and so far I feel like OB/GYN is the only specialty I could really enjoy. I like the mix of medicine, surgery, procedures, and primary care. I've had enough exposure to OB/GYN that I know I would be really happy doing it for the rest of my life. However... I want to...
  30. Researcher101

    Best menstrual pill without Ibuprofen?

    I'm allergic to Motrin which is an Ibuprofen. What is the best pill you recommend for cramps? I've always taken Tylonol but sometimes it feels like it doesn't work as well. If there's something better I'd rather take that. I've been told about Midol but isn't caffeine supposed to be avoided? I...
  31. D

    Position Wanted PGY-1 or 2 Ob/Gyn looking to swap or open position

    Looking for anyone interested in swapping PGY-1 (soon to be PGY-2) position. I'm located in the Midwest. Interested in any/all locations. PM for more details.
  32. John Doe12

    Can I get into a Postbac?

    I would like to say thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. My current circumstance is the following: I have messed up in undergrad and currently have a 2.53 GPA. It was a combination of family problems, but I've learned to prioritize my career more than my family at this...
  33. U

    Resident totally messed up gyn exam performed on me. How big of a deal is this?

    Hello all! This is a throw-away account for reasons that will soon become obvious. I have been a member of SDN for over three years, and would truly value this community's input on a very private/ painful/ sensitive issue. Today, I had a routine gyn/well-woman check up. Everything went great...
  34. A

    I think I just hurt a patient and now I'm freaking out

    So I'm on my OB rotation and the teaching has been subpar to say the least. A lady was in labor today and terrified about having a laceration so as she was pushing (2+ station) I was doing some posterior pressure with perineal massage. Now at this point it is just me and the labor nurses. The...
  35. A.han

    Elective summer rotation in Dublin

    Dear members, I'm a final year medical student in Saudi Arabia, I'm planning to apply for an elective rotation this summer in the Ob/Gyn department.. Can you please recommend some teaching and well-known hospitals in dublin.. and it's my first time taking an elective abroad, do I need to...
  36. M

    Choosing a specialty: OB/GYN vs Emergency Medicine

    Third year student trying to decided which programs to apply for. At first, I was strongly for emergency medicine, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my OB/GYN rotation. I really liked both rotations, but both have had their cons that are keeping me from committing to either 100%. With EM...
  37. S

    OB/OBGYN Quote

    Hi everyone, My father, now retired, was the long time head of Maternal Fetal Medicine at a large North Florida University, and he always used to say "I Work Where You Play", when asked what he did, or what kind of doctor he was. It always gets a laugh from men and women alike. In honor of...
  38. D

    Position Swap PGY-2 ObGyn Position, NYC, metro area, tri-state for Midwest in 2016

    Looking to swap PGY-2 position in midwest for PGY-2 position in NYC/outer boroughs preferably, or tri-state area. Position is for ObGyn for 2016. PM for details
  39. M

    Please help, disabilities, vision requirements for specialties?

    Hey there, I am currently a senior year undergrad planning on attending medical school. I have an optic nerve condition with which I was born and it does not appear to be getting any worse overtime. However, my eyesight is only corrected to 20/70 in left and 20/60 in right eye. From what I've...
  40. mwright24

    Osteopathic Ob/Gyn Interview Invites and Pro's & Con's (2015-2016)