Math requirements for Med School?

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Nov 13, 2012
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Is pre-calculus and calculus I, a REQUIREMENT or PRE-REQUISITE for Med school. I have satisfied all my undergrad maths (which includes statistics) but was wondering should I take calculus also?

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Some Med Schools require 1 year of college math, and don't specify which. Some require calculus, and some require none but recommend it, and some don't at all. There's a list floating around somewhere with all this information.

If you want to keep your options completely open, do Calculus, as you've already done Stats which was half the requirement.

If you look through the list and find all the schools you're looking at going to do not require the above, then don't do Calculus. Simple as that.
Charles Darwin (or something like that) created a big list of all the schools that require math. Search for it.