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What do you want to know? It's a full day. You'll interview with two people chosen randomly from the admission commitee which includes science faculty, clinical faculty, medical students, residents, and community members. They are all open-file interviews. You will also meet with one of the deans to discuss the school. There'll be a tour of the Mayo Clinic and a tour of the school and its resources. You'll get to sit it on some classes. Interviews can vary from extremely relaxed and conversational to high-stress...all depends on the interviewer. Stay with a student while you're there are you'll get a much better inside perspective. Be very nice to Jane and she'll be sure to help you out (actually, she'll help you out even if you aren't nice to her). About half (or less) of the on-site interviewees will be offered a spot. Although it is rolling admission, it is based on a rank list so you may hear very soon after your interview (two weeks is usually the fastest) or it could be many months. They do not accept extra materials (more letters of recommendation, etc.) after the interview. Good luck...
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The Mayo interview was awesome like they said. The people were really nice. I was suprised by how much of a farm town Rochester is, but as soon as you see the facilities and meet the wonderful people, you get the feeling that you could actually go there. The day is full, so were comfy shoes or bring some with you like I did. Hope you get an interview and good luck!
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