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Mcat 5r


Heroic Necromancer
15+ Year Member
Dec 13, 2001
  1. Attending Physician
Originally posted by OnMyWayThere
How come perfect scores on test 5R are 12's? Is this an accurate score range for the April MCAT? I thought each section was out of 15...:confused:

Are you reading the right scale?

MCAT Practice Test 5R
Estimated Scaled Score Physical Sciences Raw Scores Verbal Reasoning Raw Scores Biological Sciences Raw Scores
15 76-77 60-60 76-77
14 74-75 59-59 74-75
13 70-73 56-58 70-73
12 65-69 53-55 65-69
11 61-64 49-52 61-64
10 57-60 44-48 56-60
9 53-56 40-43 52-55
8 48-52 37-39 47-51
7 42-47 33-36 43-46
6 36-41 30-32 39-42
5 32-35 27-29 35-38
<4 0-31 0-26 0-34


10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 2, 2003
The best coast (west coast)
Thanks for the breakdown.

In the 5R that I purchased through AAMC, the only conversion available is on the page before the last breaking down as a completely different breakdown as you posted. I guess I'll call them up and ask them

*Edit: Just read on top of the breakdown: " Although scaled scores from 1 to 15 are possible, for the purpose of interpreting scores on this test, extreme scores have been combined in the conversion table."

In other words, " Don't worry about 12+ scores, you ain't getting one" :laugh:
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