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Apr 29, 2012
Hey, can I get some advice to do well on the MCAT? I'm planning on writing it in January. I'm a psych/molecular bio major going into third year. I didn't take org1/2/biochem. I did read through the EK books over the summer and I also have the kaplan set (only went through biochem for that). I also have ~20 FLs. I am also in Jack Westin's CARS course. Any input will greatly be appreciated!

Dr. Trenb

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Dec 30, 2014
Major thing to point out, biochemistry. You need to make sure you prepare for that subject well if you're not going to take the class before the test. This exam is dense and oriented toward biochemistry. From close friends to online commentators, everyone seems to repeat the same thing, have a solid understand of that section. I can't recommend any book for biochem review, I took a college course for it and so far have not purchased anything since then. As for the other materials, you might want to checkout TBR.