MCAT CARS Matching Passage with Answer Choices

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Apr 14, 2023
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I was wondering if anyone has realized this issue and might have some tips on how to address this issue. I realized that for me, CARS has been pretty straightforward, but I'm having tremendous issues with these two problems and was wondering if anyone had tips.

Firstly, for me, I realized that sometimes, I'm having trouble when matching key words from the question blurb to the sections in the passages themselves, because sometimes the ideas in a part of passage might match the keywords or ideas in that question (when doing an overall passage search), but in actuality in the context of the whole passage might not match entirely closely with answering that specific question. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to address that issue.

Also, I realized that even when I match a section of a passage with a question, sometimes it's been difficult implementing the passage information to answering the answer choices, just because the ideas are either too unexpectedly different for me to connect with, or that sometimes the answer choices might point to a different idea than what the targeted passage section discusses.

I was wondering if anyone had a systematic approach to addressing these two issues, and really just how to look at the bigger understanding instead of passage-searching key words.

Let me know if any of these questions makes doesn't make sense, and thank you in advance for your tips!

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