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Oct 8, 2022
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I am overwhelmed and need some guidance. If I am applying in May, is it best to take my MCAT in March or April?
Also, does anyone have a tutoring company they recommend? I am not a science major and struggled in undergrad science courses with material. Am I doomed for content?
Thank you!

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Applications cannot be submitted until June, so any MCAT date between January and the middle of May will get you a score in time for submission and review. Take the exam when you think you'll feel most ready, even if that means towards the end of May. A great score at the end of May beats an average score in March or April.
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I would suggest taking the mcat with enough time to get your score back before you submit amcas. So many schools are rolling admissions, so you want to submit everything as early as possible.
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I would recommend taking the MCAT any time before June. That should give you plenty of time to have your score released and be an early applicant (which is very important with rolling admissions).
I agree with what has already been said for the most part. I took the exam in the middle of May and submitted AMCAS blind without knowing my score. It ended up working well for me because I scored high, but, I can see how it could have been problematic. It was definitely a leap of faith. I was originally planning on taking it in April, but I didn't feel ready, so I pushed it back at the last second, and I am very grateful that I did. As the old adage says, "measure twice, cut once." If you can manage to take the test one time and get it right, it will serve you better than taking it early, not scoring as high as you would like, and having to retake it, in my opinion.