MCAT learning disability

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Oct 20, 2003
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Hi i was wondering if anyone here has taken the MCAT with special accomadations and what the experience was like compared to the real one, i.e, test facility, when do you take the test, are other people there, do you take it on saturday or sunday etc. As well on the score report does it state if you took the test with special accomadations ( isn't that against the law if so). Thank you for anyone's advice


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Dec 15, 2004
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I originally took the test with accomodations (time and a half) due to neurosurgery in 96. I had finished all my premed requirements but was still two years from graduating. I went to a smaller classroom, and sat down with the proctor at the desk in front of me. The extra time was nice, but I had an * by my mcat score. So far, the schools haven't said anything bad about it, but it personally hurt my ego so I retook the mcat and got the same friggin score (27)!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years later, I'm on my second medschool application, and I'm retaking it with kaplan and no accomodations.

The regular MCAT is usually held in the bigger class rooms, a space between you and the next person. Lots of people, but not quite a bad experience. I'd rather take the MCAT like this and not be different. I've wanted an even playing field all my life, and now that I have it, it seems like cheating to ask for extra time.