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MCAT picture


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Mar 19, 2003
Digital cameras are fine. I actually used a digital camera for the secondary applications because it was a lot cheaper making copies of it on my color printer. I had no problem.
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Aaron Earles

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Dec 19, 2003
Corinth, MS
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Originally posted by daveswafford
So the MCAT admissions ticket needs a current photo... do you guys think it's ok to take a pic with a digital camera, print it off, and paste it to the ticket? Or does it need to be from film?


Hey dave,

I actually took a polaroid the first time I took the MCAT and cut it to fit in the square. I did use a digital camera the other time and it was fine. As long as you look similiar to your drivers license.

I also did the same thing for my secondaries as well. It just helps them put a face with the application. If you have more questions regarding the MCAT or applications, just PM me.



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Dec 11, 2003
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This is a goofy story but it is related to the MCAT photo:

I met an aquaintance before the MCAT started and they wanted me to see their photo:confused: . it looked like.... a snapshot on a sofa.

They had the photo taken at some bar and cropped out of the photo was their hand holding the drink.

(Why I hear these stories from people I will never know)

They did it as a stress release or something...:(

Oh well, just don't waste any money your photo.
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