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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by comp, Jul 18, 2000.

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    I'm taking MCAT this August. However, recently I have started to feel that I'm not well prepared. Anyway, I'll still take the MCAT this August. Now, if I don't get good scores then I'll retake it in April, 2001. Regarding this I have few questions:

    1.) Does retaking the MCATs look bad to adcoms?

    2.) If I have to retake it in April 2001, then I'm thinking to take off from college for that spring semester so that I could study very hard and boost my MCATs. I'll also have then plenty of time to do volunteer work because I haven't done any volunteer work so far. Now, do you think it is a bad idea to take off from college for one semester for MCATs? Will adcom look at it negatively?

    I realize that I'll be one year late in entering medical school if, indeed, I opt to take off for one semester.

    Is there anyone out there who has been through this and yet accepted to a medical school?

    Please respond. Thanks a lot.

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    Jul 4, 2000
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    I was going to do the August MCAT too, but partly because of my laziness, and partly because of my lack of confidence in the biology section, I have decided NOT to do it. However, I am taking TPR course, just to see how the MCAT is really like. I believe that this way, I won't have to stress out right now, I can volunteer and work, and enjoy my summer. And anyway, I don't have time to take any review courses next spring, with school and work and everything else. I have found out that I am prepared for every section (even VR) except bio... so there's really no rush. I don't think I will forget my phys sci stuff cuz I'm a physics major, and tend to retain this stuff over the long haul.

    I will take the April MCAT. I don't think adcoms will look THAT down upon taking MCAT twice, since a lot of people do it. But it's to your advantage if your record states that you took the MCAT only once and you got a good score. As for taking the semester off, I really don't recommend it. You're probably going to have to explain it to adcoms on your interview why you decided not to attend that semester, and I don't think an MCAT excuse will do it... to me it just sounds like you can't handle college and the MCAT at the same time. For me, I'm doing an extremely light load second semester... two physics courses (no labs!!), one math, one biochem, and one philosophy (which has a reputation of being a really easy course). All my days are extremely short (that was really lucky my schedule worked out for me, unlike my sophomore year, which ran usually from 8:30 to 6:30) usually I get off at half past noon or earlier. That way I have plenty of time to study after school and plenty of time to volunteer and work.
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    It is not too late to seriously start to prepare for the August MCAT. The way I did it is to borrow the KAPLAN subject review books, which are fairly short and too the point, spent two weeks reading those and after that spent most of my time doing the practice tests. This is one way to prepare for the next month, but you need to start cracking.

    My advice when it come to multiple MCAT is that this test is really designed for you to be taken only once, much like navy seal training (G.I. Jane). You should put all of your juice and life force into studying for it only once, and don't plan to retake it ever again, this way you will be concentrated
    on taking the test and doing your best with out having an easy way out, like retaking the test.

    My advice: Donate your life for the next month to studying for the MCAT and get it over with.

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    I totally agree with Arti. The LAST thing you want is to take the MCATs over (not necessarily cuz it looks bad to adcoms but just the fact that you have to study your a$$ off all over again [​IMG] ). Also, I'm assuming you've already begun studying and since you said you have 'recently' been feeling ill-prepared, this may just be nervousness. It's a big test so it's natural that you feel as though you're not ready now that the big day is soon approaching. I wouldn't encourage taking a semester off just to study for the MCAT. Taking it a second time (and doing well) won't look too bad to adcoms but taking time off to study WILL.

    Just study hard and practice A LOT and you'll be just fine [​IMG]

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