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Jul 15, 2002
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im new here...

i had taken the mcat in august of 2001 and got a 29

hoping to break a 30 in the spring, i instead dropped two points

i have a decent gpa

im trying for NJ schools is there still hope



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May 11, 2002
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if you're going entirely off numbers, this is straight from relatively prime's stats document she so kindly compiled:

<tr><th>School</th><th>cum gpa</th><th>mcat vr</th><th>mcat ps</th><th>mcat bs</th><th>acceptance %</th>
UMDNJ, New Jersey
<td> 9.7</td>
<td> 10.2 </td>
<td> N/A</td>
UMDNJ, Robert Wood
<td> 8.9</td>
<td> 10.2 </td>


is your mcat well rounded? is your gpa around this range. even if gpa is +/- 0.4 you'd have hope. it depends on so many other aspects of your app. g/l

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