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MCAT questions

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by baylor21, Dec 27, 1999.

  1. Is the MCAT scored relative to how other people do on the test? I'm asking because my scores dont seem right. I got an VR = 11 PS = 11 and BS = 9.

    First off, I know for a fact that I answered more of the questions on the biological sciences part correctly than I did on the physical. Coming out of the test, I was worried that I got like an 8 on the physical, but I thought that I should get at least a 10 or 11 on the biology, since it seemed much easier. So I'm assuming the 9 on the biology does not refer to how many questions I got right, but how many I got right relative to other test takers. Is this correct?

    Would you advise that I retake the MCAT to correct this low biology score, or are the other scores good enough to compensate for it?

    Thanks, I appreciate your advice.

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    The MCAT, like any standardized examination, is competitive. The number you answer correctly on the exam (the "raw" score) is then compared with all test takers and adjusted to a score between 1 and 15 (the "scaled" score).

    Since you found the Biological Sciences section to be easy, apparently so did most of the country judging from the 9 you received as a scaled score (8 being the national average). The fact taht you hit 11s on both Verbal Reasoning and Physical Sciences means you did better than X% of all MCAT test-takers (your percentile rank should tell you what percentage).

    As for retaking the exam just to raise the Biological Sciences score, think of it this way... Your Biological Sciences score may in fact raise on the next shot, but your Verbal and Physical Sciences scores may just as well go down. When you hit high on a particular section, it's tough to get higher or stay the same, but it's REALLY EASY to get a lower score.

    It's your call of course. If you feel you can pull the same numbers in both VR and PS on the second take, all the while raising your BS score, then go for it. If you have any doubt (remember you found the physics somewhat hard), then leave well enough alone. A 31 composite score is decent, and if you combine it with the right GPA, you'll have a good shot.

    Tim of New York City.

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