MCAT retake drop

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Apr 21, 2021
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Hey guys, I'm seeking some advice in regards to my MCAT retake score decrease.

Last year, I took the exam and scored a 508 (129/124/128/127). I retook it this year in hopes of increasing my CARS score. Although I was scoring 125+ in CARS and 510+ overall on full-lengths and felt confident about the test overall, I ended up with a 504 (127/122/126/129) this year.

I was definitely not in the right emotional or mental state during the last few weeks leading up to my exam. It was poor judgment on my part, as I should've pushed back my test date. I didn't void because I felt confident about this test.

Do I still have a shot this year in applying to MD and DO? Or would I have to retake it and score even higher for a chance? All advice would be greatly appreciated!

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DO is in range not MD
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Only take again if you can consistently score 515+ on practice exams under test like conditions
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Although there is a tendency toward higher scores, a surprisingly large number of re-testers get a lower score.
When first-attempt scores range from 472 to 517, those who improved only bumped up a few points.

Depending on your state of residence, MD is going to be difficult without some compelling strength in the rest of your application.
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I would not retake in your situation. If you do worse again you are severely hurting your chances. I think if you apply broad DO and some MD you may still get interviews with what you have. That’s given the rest of your app is adequate.