1. D

    Retaking old MCAT with good score

    Hi everyone, I'm reapplying this cycle with an MCAT from September 2021 (525), but have realized now that many schools would not accept it: importantly for me USC, Kaiser, UCSF. I'm debating the pros and cons of a late retake in July, with a score release in August 2024. I'm worried about a...
  2. H

    Good MCAT, bad CARS, below 10th percentile

    I have a 3.81 GPA, MCAT is 516 with a breakdown of (132/125/129/130). Initially I was very happy with the score, but I had such awful anxiety that night that I never slept. As a result, my cars score was abysmal. Wasn't far off from my practice exams either, it was always a section I struggled...
  3. A

    Judgement Check: retake 514

    Hi, I’ve been really struggling with this decision, and am hoping that someone with some experience can give me advice. I took my MCAT in April and scored a 514. This was lower than my FL average (518). My GPA is 3.8, I have good extracurriculars, tons of research and clinical experience, and...
  4. B

    Upper division class shares same name as lower division class?

    Hey all, This might be a convoluted, but here goes. I'm enrolled in a post-bacc program right now and am taking a course titled "Cellular and Molecular Biology" that's 300-level. I was going over my old transcripts from the undergrad institution I graduated from and the intro-sequence Biology...
  5. B

    Retaking Online Course In-Person

    I'm currently a student in a post-baccalaureate program to finish up prerequisites I haven't taken before. In my undergrad years, I took both the lecture component of Physics 1 and 2 online where exams were proctored in person but the lectures were all online. This was all done pre-pandemic. I...
  6. U

    WAMC MD - CA ORM - 3.94, 516 Retake (Should I apply to more schools?)

  7. cruz3r

    Gots Cs in Orgo and Physics 1. What should I do?

    I ended up getting Cs in orgo 1, orgo 2, and physics 1. On the brighter side, I made an improvement by getting a B in physics 2. As of now, my gpa is around 3.68 (including college transfer credits from high school and also 2 Bs from microbio and a pharmacology class). BCPM is 3.51. I was...
  8. chococat98

    MCAT retake drop

    Hey guys, I'm seeking some advice in regards to my MCAT retake score decrease. Last year, I took the exam and scored a 508 (129/124/128/127). I retook it this year in hopes of increasing my CARS score. Although I was scoring 125+ in CARS and 510+ overall on full-lengths and felt confident about...
  9. B

    Retake Advice - Should I Retake?

    What are your previous MCAT Scores?: 07/2020 - 509 (126/128/125/130) What is your GPA (w/ Science GPA) (If relevant: trend, uGPA/grad GPA/postbacc GPA) uGPA: 3.23 postbacc GPA: 3.93 sGPA: 3.43 (undergrad: 3.11; postbacc: 3.94) State/Country of residence (optional): TX Ethnicity...
  10. G

    Retake Advice

    What are your previous MCAT Score(s) (with section wise breakdown): 9/10/2021: 511 (127/126/128/130). 1/21/2022: 514 (129/126/130/129). What is your GPA (w/ Science GPA) (If relevant: trend, uGPA/grad GPA/postbacc GPA) GPA: 3.87, Sci. GPA: 3.78 State/Country of residence (optional): FL...
  11. T

    Taking Orgo 2 for the 5th time - am I delusional?

    I am going to be taking Organic Chemistry 2 for the 5th time this summer. (Lord.) I took Organic Chemistry 1 THREE times before I finally passed with a C. I HATE chemistry to say the least. I don't get it at all but to be fair, if I spent more time with the material than I currently do, I might...
  12. A

    Should I retake 511 (126, 128, 128, 129)?

    Background: Asian/White ORM, GPA should be 3.78 when I graduate (3.75 right now), D1 athlete, don’t wanna post too much ab other parts of the app. Studying background: did it last summer while working full time, also stopped for 2 weeks because of tonsil surgery. Was getting 514 on my last two...
  13. Jun Ki

    DAT retake and scheduling

    Hi guys, I'm taking DAT next week, but I might have to retake it. Since I have to wait at least 90 days, it will be end of March 2022. I was wondering if it’s possible to schedule the test date ahead of time or do I have to wait 90 days to schedule the test date? I'm just worried about not...
  14. B

    Scored 9 points lower than my AAMC average on my real 6/26 exam. What should I do from now until January retake?

    I got a 504 (126/124/124/130) on the 6/26 7:30AM exam and I'm devastated. What's crazy to me is that I felt so much better compared to my first exam coming out. I thought I had done so well on C/P and CARS. I stupidly brought a watch out on break, so they had to pause my exam for 10 minutes...
  15. ninam2000

    School List HELP! (4.0/514) / WAMC

    Hi! I am having trouble making a school list for this upcoming cycle. I know my stats are too low for T20s, but I may want to apply to a few. Do people have any suggestions on what I can do to improve my app. Should I retake MCAT? Should I apply next year? GPA: 4.0 (from IVY LEAGUE) MCAT: 514...
  16. sasukeuchiha33

    Retaking MCAT before this cycle ends?

    Hi all. So I'm applying to MD and DO schools this cycle. I took the MCAT twice and got a 505 both times (507 superscored; I have a 3.96 cGPA and 3.93 sGPA) and as such am not too hopeful about my chances, especially with the drastic increase in apps this cycle. My question is this: I really want...
  17. PaladinX

    How bad does an MCAT retake really look???

    Hey guys, MCAT retaker here. So I was scouring reddit, when I found a fairly old post (2017) of people trashing retakers, basically saying things like "ya done goofed" or "get wreeked scruub" (I'm paraphrasing using their 2017 lingo). I'm applying this cycle and this ofc shot my neuroticism...
  18. J

    Retaking MCATs?

    I took the MCATs in January and scored 511 (127/129/128/127). My initial goal was realistically 515+ (ideally 520) so I was planning to retake it over this summer. But with everything going on with shortened test times and rescheduling chaos, I wasn't sure if it's worth the trouble to retake the...
  19. B

    Advice on whether to continue pre med track

    I failed Ochem last quarter (just barely) and retook it this quarter. Everything was going super well until the coronavirus pandemic happened (for more context finals were put online and to deter cheating they made the final longer and harder). I'm pretty sure I failed the final and thus the...
  20. I

    Postbacc, SMP, or Retake courses? (HELP)

    I am an undergraduate student at a state school. With the incentive to graduate in early (recommendation by my HS counselor), I used all of my AP credits and community college credits to finish and get a BS in psych in 3 years. I went to my last choice school (was an environment which was not...
  21. I

    should I retake a statistics class taken Pass/Fail

    Hello everyone, I took an upper level statistics class for pass/fail, and passed the class, but i didn't learn anything. I'm pretty sure I passed by the skin of my teeth. I think it'd be good to have a good statistics foundation, so what do you think about retaking this at a community college...
  22. X

    Poll: Would you retake a highly unbalanced (123/132/126/129) 510 MCAT?

  23. X

    Should I retake? VERY unbalanced MCAT?

  24. totallyfreaked

    How to start studying again?!

    So i got my scores about a month ago and I did not do well at all. I expected a low score because I was not in the best state of mind when I took the exam but I also realized i kinda cheated myself when I was taking the practice exams. I scored a 498 but expected between 500-505 (I knew I was...
  25. D

    Bad MCAT Score

    So I don't want to go into too much detail, but basically I studied full-time for 2 months this summer without any distractions. I got 500 on my first AAMC FL and then 504 on my second AAMC FL (three days before the test). Just got my score back today and I got a 498... I bombed the science...
  26. whothat0


  27. S

    EAP vs applying???

    So I'm in dire need for some advice on what to do within the next 5 days. I was recently accepted into an early acceptance program at an unnamed DO school prior to taking the mcat. At that time I had already payed for and been studying for my mcat so I thought I'd take it anyway and if I did...
  28. M

    Retaking the MCAT, but feeling confused as to where to start

    I got my test scores back yesterday, and scored a 487 (121/121/121/124). I originally was going to follow the SN2Ed study plan, but my study partner had time restraints so we tried something else. We studied for 3 1/2 months. The first month was content review from a test prep book found on...
  29. D

    Should I retake the MCAT? 512 (127,128,128,129) and 3.42 cGPA, 3.20 sGPA

    Hello all, I recently took the MCAT for the first time and I am wondering if I should retake it/what are my chances of getting in? I got a 512 (127,128,128,129). My cGPA is 3.42 with a strong upward trend (3.14 first year, 3.83 last year) My sGPA is 3.20 with a strong upward trend (2.7 first...
  30. Z

    Will medical schools see my second MCAT score?

    So here is my current situation. I currently got a 499 on my MCAT (RIP) but I plan on retaking in August and I expect to do significantly better. My plan right now is to apply in June. My question is whether or not medical schools will see me signed up in August to take it again and whether...
  31. A

    Worried about bad semester and GPA conversion from Canada to US

    I'm an american studying in canada and I'm worried about the conversion of my GPA reeally dropping it... In fact my GPA situation is really confusing because I'll be coming from the US where I took 3 years of art school, dropped out for 4 years, and then now I'm in Canada taking my math/science...
  32. R

    chapman pcat retake

    Wondering if this has happened to anyone before. I took the PCAT but didnt get a sufficient score enough for them and chapman asked me to take a retake but i am afraid my second score wont be good as well. I deposited for them already. will they rescind my admittance?
  33. W

    Kaplan Live Online 2 vs 3 times per week

    Hello there, Looking at taking the MCAT this summer (as a retake). Took it last summer and scored a 499, self studied for about 5 months on top of school, research, volunteering, etc. I’m looking at doing a Kaplan Live Online course starting very soon and was wondering if anyone has...
  34. C

    Do I neeeed to retake my DAT?

    So I took my DAT and wasn’t entirely thrilled with my scores, as I had been doing better on practice tests. Standardized testing is just not my thing as I move too slowly through the problems. However, I am happy with my RC score and still have a 20 AA, although it is an unconventional one...
  35. SDN

    Forum Members Should I Retake the MCAT?

    This is the Official "Should I Retake"" Thread Part 2 This is an updated from: (created on June 14, 2007 and retired on December 20, 2018) in favor of a post that is catered for Retake advice for the New Post-2015...
  36. A


  37. C

    Postbacc vs. Retaking Classes After Strong Upward Trend

    Hi. I've read many threads on the pros and cons of retaking classes (as an informal) vs. enrolling into a formal Postbacc program (linked to medical schools and not linked). I'm here because I have a very strong upward trend in my Junior and Senior years of college and am left wondering what my...
  38. R

    December OAT experience (retake!) (280/290 -> 320/330)!!

    -LONG POST- scroll down to see my new scores and recommended study method/guide/my personal tips!!! soooo i retook my OAT today and felt that I needed to share my experience! i couldn't find anyone on here who may have been in a similar situation as mine so here is my post to be that person...
  39. F

    Should I retake the MCAT knowing I will not improve in CARS?

    I took the MCAT while working ~55 hours a week and only studied for about 1-2 months for few hours a day. I didn't even open the biology book at all or look at anything physics related due to the time shortage. I knew everything in Bio 1 from leading an tutor session the semester before. But...
  40. maybeapedsdoc22

    Should i retake the DAT?

    Now that december 3d is coming in hot, I am doubting myself especially with my DAT scores. My oGPA is a 3.64 and my sGPA is 3.5. DAT: 20AA, 22 OC, 19 Bio, 17 GC (this is where it hurts), 22 RC, 19 QR and 20 PAT. 160 shadowing hours, 100+ community service, dental service abroad, lots of...