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Aug 14, 2002
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This message is for the students that applied this summer, and took the MCAT in April.

Did your scores for the MCAT appear on your application around the same time you received your scores in the mail. Or did your application not show the mcat scores at all. I just took the mcat, and I am curious if one's score will appear on this section even before student's receive their score via the mail from the august exam.

For example, on the print your application checkbox, if you double click it, a new window opens up with your copy of the amcas application. If you scroll down, you will find the MCAT section score report, your scores should appear.



they appeared before i got them in the mail (by a couple days) but not before the early online score option.


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Jun 11, 2002
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They appeared on my AMCAS about a week after I got my scores. But then, it seems that I got my scores about a week after everyone else.
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