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Jan 4, 2014
Anyone interested in a study buddy? This is more for social accountability with some review- perhaps twice a week for 30 minutes or so each? It's not a huge commitment but it may help us stay on our toes. I will be taking the MCATs this coming May.

Plan: To meet up to talk about what we reviewed and explain 5 new concepts/important facts that we have learned from our MCAT studying prior to our meeting. We will do this at every meeting- so twice a week, we will learn something from each other or review something we have already learned. This is mostly for social accountability to keep us on track for studying the MCATs during the school year. I would love to start now though, during winter break, to get the momentum started! Break is no excuse to be lazy!

About me: Eastern time zone & open to do this via. skype (though I need to create an account) or Tinychat or oovoo (or whatever else, as long as it's convenient and free).

I'm interested in finding 1 reliable study buddy who is committed to becoming a doctor and acing the MCATs. Though, if there are more people who are interested- you guys can message each other in the forum and set something up!