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Jul 16, 2002
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Anyone know if MCV and EVMS have cutoff GPAs and MCATs before they send out secondaries?
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Apr 19, 2002
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Don't use the info you get from these boards to make important decisions, especially concerning where you might apply to. If you have concerns about the admissions process call the schools themselves. The fact of the matter is that no one on these boards can tell you anything definitive about any schools admissions procedures, policies, preferences etc...


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:) Any specific questions about the schools besides that?

I don't believe either really has a cut-off per-se. All together, only half ~2000 are given secondaries (a larger percentage of in-state people are given secondaries). A lesser degree are given out to out of staters (obviously) despite the fact that EVMS is tecnically a private school.

They expect that you have at least B's in all the required pre-med classes.

Avg = 3.44 gpa / 30.1 MCAT

1/3 of those getting secondaries recieve interviews

1/3 of those interviewed are accepted

I don't remember much at all about MCV. US News used to have awesome updated info such as that, including specific #s of people interviewed who got accepted, etc but now, US News is charging to access their profiles. :) I'm glad I beat out that one.

Avg = 3.4 gpa / 30 MCAT
600 outta 4000 interviewed
75% of instate get secondaries
40% of out of state get secondaries.
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