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MCW MCoW MSTP problems

Discussion in 'Physician Scientists' started by junqu, May 7, 2008.

  1. junqu

    junqu 2+ Year Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    Question was answered.
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  3. Johnnyfive


    Feb 6, 2008
    1) I can not comment on whether the program is having trouble filling seems to me that every year, the number of students coming in has about met the number of students we are told they want/can afford to accept. From my understanding, the "competitiveness" of matriculating student (based on gpa, mcat scores etc.) has steadily gone up since I have enrolled.

    2) From my interactions with students I would say the majority of students are satisfied with their experience. I can think of 1 "drop-out" in the 5 years I have been in the program. The individual is a friend of mine and from my conversations with her, the hardest part of "dropping-out" was leaving the program but she had a negative experience with her research advisor and did not find a suitable alternative advisor.

    3) NIH funding. It is true MCW is not currently funded by the NIH. I view "in-house" funding as a positive because it is an indication that the administrative staff are extremely dedicated to MSTP training as evidenced by their willingness to foot the bill. We had an NIH site visit this past semester and are awaiting the final decision by the NIH to find out whether we are going to be funded. Dialogue with the site visit chair indicate that the results were extremely positive and it will come down to where the funding cut-off is.

    If you have any more questions feel free to PM me.
  4. detric224


    Sep 11, 2010
    I am a student in the MSTP program at MCW. Since I have there have not been any issues filling spots, with unsatisfied students, or graduating students.

    The year I was accepted only one of the seven people accepted initially declined. I think it speaks to the strength of the program that they did not even have to go to the wait list. Every year I have been there a large percentage of those brought to the second visit have chosen to come to MCW.

    One of the main reasons I came to MCW was the quality of the people there, both the students and faculty. It seems that every year they do a great job of bringing in nice people (besides being smart enough to be accepted into an MSTP program). The faculty is amazing, especially those that are in direct leadership of the MSTP. When I came in to my interview I was told by students that I won't find a place that works as hard as MCW to make sure we have support, both as students and as people, and they weren't lying. It is truly like a family within the program, and I have a multitude of people that I can and do go to for any concerns I might have. I frequently sit down and talk to faculty without having to make appointments, and a students within the program are good friends. I have found it to be a great place to succeed, personally and professionally.

    There have been no dropouts since I have been at the program, other than the one mentioned, which as stated had to do less with the program and more with a sad situation with that person's PhD adviser, and a lot was done to try to make it possible for her to continue. Students almost always graduate from the whole program within 8 years. More importantly than the time, there is a great effort to make sure we get every opportunity to receive the best possible training scientifically and medically.

    Finally, since the last post, the MSTP program at MCW has received NIH funding. While the private funding continues to support the program as it did before, the NIH funding allows continued growth and further solidifies the strength of the program.

    Overall, the MSTP program has been an amazing place to train (I wouldn't have taken the time to right this if I didn't think so). I hope this helps those that had this same question.

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