Med/Peds Programs

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Oct 19, 2003
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I'll be entering MSUCOM in a month and while this is quite early for me, or anyone for that manner, I'm still curious.
I am very interested in a med/peds residency as it will give me a great deal of breadth in my training and therefore allow me to see patients of all ages. However, family practice would give me similar training, I understand the differences between the two specialties.
What I am asking is for any medical students or residents in Michigan to comment on the state's med/peds programs, specifically the programs at MSU and Wayne State. It concerns me that the AOA has little information on this combined residency and seems to not have accredited med/peds programs, please correct me if I am wrong, I really want to have a clear idea of this situation. So are there many DOs in ACGME med/peds residencies in Michigan or other states? Any dually accredited programs??

Thanks in advance!

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