Medical billing then become a doctor...?

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Oct 10, 2012
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Okay, I recently graduated high school. My math and science grades weren't the best. I wanted to go to college to major in biology and later go to med school and become a pediatrician. Since my grades weren't that great.. The college I applied to told me to attend a community college. I am currently doing that. But I got a call from an institution that helps me get a degree and become a medical assistant in 8 montsh. I'm debating the idea. It's not that bad I mean after I finish that I can attend college and ill have a good paying job. I just wanna know. Will it be okay. I mean being a medical assistant and then becoming a doctor. I really want to be a pediatrician. Also I was going to spend a year in community college basically just redoing my senior year of high school, instead if I do the medical assistant ill be doing hands on work in a medical field and later ill be more prepared for medical school... I think. I'm really confused I just want an honest opinion .. I just turned 18 and college already has me stressed. So will it help having done the medical assistant and working in a hospital for a while and later becoming a doctor.. Is it possible?
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