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Aug 30, 2005
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So.... now that the Genetics forum has been deleted.... I'd like to know how I can find out about the different Genetics Residencies? I've looked on Freida, so I'm aware of their existence, but would appreciate any "real-world-filtered-through-SDN" inside information that anyone may have.

For example, what do I need to do in med school to get in? Do you like your program? Is one better than another? Why? Do you see mostly peds or also adults? Is it a combination of research or clinical or heavy emphasis on one?

Thanks in advance for any info!!!! This specialty is not highly populated.



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Jul 15, 2015
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Medical genetics is great!

A very important think to consider if whether you would like to see kids or adults (or both) as the programs with strong adult genetics programs are much, much fewer. University of Washington is going to be your largest and best program for adult genetics, with the largest adult genetics department in the country. Baylor, NIH/Hopkins, UCLA and Harvard also have strong adult genetics programs. Second thing to consider if whether you want to do research as part of your career ... all of the programs I mentioned have lots of research opportunities and build it into the residency programs. Third, is how supportive and engaged the faculty is in your career. Its a small field and thus possible for a lot of people in the field to know one another -- having a PD who is on your side and supportive faculty is great to welcoming you to the field. And lastly, of course is where do you want to live!

Hope that helps.
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