Medical vs Law vs Business Management

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Jun 5, 2017
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Hi, My name is Frankie, i currently am attending Berkeley College in NYC, midtown. This is my first year and i have taken generic classes such as Biology, Finance, English, Etc. My current GPA is a 3.7 and i am on the Deans list for perfect attendance. Currently i am working in TD Bank, as a Teller, and i have been for the past 6 months number 1 in the region of Long Island as far as sales go.
I love talking to others, i love selling, and most importantly i love helping others. Being able to help others in any way brings a smile to my face. I love a rewarding career. My strong subjects in my university is by far English, Sociology, and somewhat Finance on the topics of credit, personal finance etc.
Now that you guys know a little bit about me, I was wondering if you guys can help.

I am thinking about pursuing in either Medical, Criminal Justice, Or sticking to Business Management which i am doing currently in a accelerated program for my MBA.
I have gotten my feet wet in the I.T world, and it was just not for me to sit behind a computer and do work, the classes, environment was just not set out for me.
To also put it out there, i was also once a Personal Trainer, and have a large physique and people have recommended me to try out for Nassau County Police Officer, and or a State Trooper.
Unfortunately as rewarding as that career sounds, there is a big downfall for the wait time, but then again, medical and other careers are long process to pursue in as well, balancing the wait time out.

Im just very confused and was wondering if anyone can give me their input on this, from experience, or family relatives going into the field or just basic knowledge of what they know.

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You said that you got your feet wet in the IT world and it wasn't for you.. My advice is to get your feet wet some more. A lot more. Reach out to physicians in order to shadow. Volunteer at the clinic. This may help you find out what you want to do and what you have a passion for. Like the above poster said, "getting lost is the first step to finding yourself." Go out and get some experience in all of these professions, and others. Spend time alone and think about your future. In order to be an effective and good physician, nurse, or any other healthcare provider, you will need to like and care about your job.

Go and get your feet wet.

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"Helping people" is a phrase open to interpretation. There are many days in medicine you won't help a soul, and many other days you'll be stuck in front of a computer as well. Talk to as many people as you can, read websites and books, etc.
A potential warning about the MBA: most programs that accept students without at least several years of full time work aren't typically helpful or respected in business careers. It's a common misunderstanding that getting an MBA opens tons of doors; that typically holds for some of the better programs and that's also because you have to have already been making a path for yourself before they accept you.