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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Kazzar, Jul 5, 2001.

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    I was wondering if some medical schools offer computer programs to help with memorization. Like something that would point to a "part" and you would have to type its name. I have a friend who goes to UCI Med and she just has a huge book where she covers up one side of the page while she tries to name off all the body parts (and does this a hundred times to learn it). Do some schools have any cool memorization programs or teach clever pneumonics as part of the learning process?

    I was thinking, from the courses I have taken in psychology and neurobiology, it would seem that information that is presented multiple times over a drawn-out period is retained longer and can be more easily remembered. Like have an overview of all the body parts and enzyme systems that is quick and general.... then like a in a few months, have a review of each system in detail. This idea is called the theory of mass vs. distributed learning and has been repeately demonstrated in trials with rats.

    When can we put some of this learning and memory research to practical use? You'd think medical schools would be on the forefront of cognitive learning technology... I know they want to squeeze the most amount of info into our heads in the shortest time, but will we remember it in the long run?

    My same friend at UCI said that after memorizing every part of the human body for a physio test, she said she forgot it all when it came time for the board exams (sure it might have been easier to learn it a 2nd time, but one can hardly say these memories have any permanence).

    Are all schools like UCI where you have to just read the book a hundred times before the test?
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    Although I am not in medical school YET (notice the optimism) :), I know that there are computer programs out there. Not sure if they are provided for you or if you must purchase them yourself. Had a cool one with my anatomy class and also with a neuropsych class that I took. has some great mnemonics to help with memorization for difficult material. Sorry this wasn't much help, but this is all I know. :D
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    At UTMB we have a thing for Gross called "cross sectional tutorial". it either names a part and has you click on it (on MRIs, CT scans, or radiographs) or it highlights a part and has you choose the name out of a list of about 10. It also features quizzes and 1 exam per body section - and those exams count towards your grade in Gross. hope that helps!


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