Mentoring future doctors

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Mar 14, 2003
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Are there any programs out there that mentor poor or URM high schoolers with the idea of preparing them for a career in medicine? I tried a google search, but didn't find much. Anyone know of a program like this?

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If you are in california there is a program called CALMA that gives shadowing opertunities and the like, its mostly aimed at hispanics kids but, I see alot of other URMs and asians are in the program.
I'm actually out in new york. Anyone know any programs like this besides Mt. Sinai's?
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If you're interested in a program in Chicago, keep your eyes open for the recruiter from the Univeristy of Chicago. She is my sister, and she may be in your area soon. From what I hear, UofC's program will give you exposure to Loyola and Northwestern as well as Uof C's.