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Message to this year's applicants


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Jan 3, 2003
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  1. Attending Physician
    Hey gang, I hope all is well as interview season is about to begin.

    I've received several messages recently from applicants with questions about rumors that they've heard about different programs. They're usually something like, "Program X (which is very prestigous) is rumored to have major internal problems and is about to explode into a ball of hell-fury. What have you heard about this?"

    I would be careful about believing rumors of this type. There is a long-standing tradition among Integrated Plastics applicants (it happened waaaay back when I applied) of trashing the programs that you want in order to scare off other applicants.

    There are a couple of programs that have long histories of being not-great and on the bubble of trouble with the RRC. The vast majority of Integrated programs and most Coordinated programs are solid. While there might be faculty shifts and institutional changes, their overall stability is not usually a major issue.

    Go look at every program that you possibly can. Ask reasonable questions of the residents and faculty. Go back to your home institution and ask your Plastics advisors questions about the programs that you like.

    Best of luck.
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