Mar 28, 2010
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I'm a first year pre-med at a top 25 undergrad and first quarter I had a 3.47 cGPA with B+ in math, B in general chem and A in a GE. This quarter I had some family health issues and had to go home a lot and ended up with two C+'s in math and general chem, a B in my GE class and an A in a 2 unit class. My cGPA is now around a 3.1 or 3.0 I believe. I still have many many more science classes to take but am scared that medical schools will just trash my application because of such terrible grades first year. I still have spring quarter to raise my grades for this year. What should I do? Is pharmacy school a little more lenient on low first year grades?

Thank you so much for any help from Medical school applicants or medical school accepted students!!


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Jan 17, 2009
Medical Student
wouldn't jump ship immediately. in either case, you'll still be taking science classes right? people have difficulty adjusting to their first year in college. it's regrettable that it was a shaky start for you but it's somewhat understandable. med schools will appreciate an upward trend, so just continue to do well from here on out.
Sep 4, 2006
Inside the tesseract
Many med school applicants have a few Cs on their transcripts. You would not be alone. Turn things around now and you have plenty of time to redeem your GPA. It's better that the low grades are during freshman year as upward grade trends are appreciated. Don't give up on medicine just yet.