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Nov 10, 2009
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Hey everyone,

I have one of my clinicals in Miami and I'm not from the area. Does anyone (probably those from south FL or attending UMiami) have any info regarding either select physical therapy in aventura or north beach PT in miami beach? I've been looking into those two and just wanted to see if anyone on here has been placed at either place before or knows anything about those clinics and/or the area they are in. Thanks!

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I did my first clinical at the Select in Aventura. It's a very small OP Ortho clinic with 2 PTs. During my 8 week rotation I saw a wide variety of diagnoses: ankle sprains, TKA's, ACL reconstructs, LBP, HNP, RTC, Lat Epi., CTS, etc. For my first clinical, I was pleased with my experience in learning the basics to treat in an ortho OP setting. The clinic is very close to Aventura Mall.

If you have more specific questions, feel free to message me.
What are the required settings that must be completed?
The first internship is an outpatient ortho setting. The remaining three (in any order) are acute, rehab, and a setting of your choice.