Midwestern, CCP (c/o 2020)

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Had my interview on 12/11. Heard back from them a couple weeks later by mail -- was put on the alternate list. Anybody else on the alternate list??

They asked my group 2 questions:
1. Describe a time you demonstrated leadership.
2. What is a problem you see pharmacy facing?

For the writing portion they give you 30 mins to answer 2 prompts. Mine was somewhere along the lines of:
1. What would you do if a classmate was constantly in class?
2. What volunteer work was most memorable to you and why?

Whether you do the interview or writing portion first depends on what group you're in. They give you a folder at the beginning with your group #.

In my group interview of 5, it was not like a discussion format. People took turns answering in nonspecific order. We kind of switched orders for each question. The remaining time was used to ask them any questions we had.

The interview was concluded with an optional tour and lunch given by students so it will not affect your chances of getting in.
what group were you in?

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Anybody know an affordable 2 bedroom apartment near the school?
Hello everyone!

Congratulations to everyone accepted! For those waiting on a decision or replies, have no fear! Have some faith and everything will work out in the end :)!
I am currently a second year student going into my third year. I've created a FB group for those accepted, it'll help with your classes later on and a good place to get your questions answered. Please join the group, as you'll soon meet upperclassmen and future classmates :highfive:.


Hope you meet you all soon!!
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Interviewing Feb 24. Excited. Got denied at Rosalind Franklin so hoping I get an offer here!
If you got denied at rosalind you definitely aren't getting into midwestern
It's quality over quantity my friend but no disrespect to rsf at the same time I like it as well just mwu is harder to get into based of its higher averages.
For those who got accepted, how many days did you receive the decision on the portal?
Anyone know when admissions committee meets next? They said first week of March, i'm impatient seeing that this was essentially my last interview :nailbiting:
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Anyone know when admissions committee meets next? They said first week of March, i'm impatient seeing that this was essentially my last interview :nailbiting:

I think they're on spring break until next week! so maybe next week? When did you interview?
I have an interview on Friday April 8
Any reccomendations regarding the group interview?
Specific questions?
They received my pharmcas application on Friday, February 19 and I received an interview invite the next Thursday (February 25)
Anyone know how I can go about finding a roommate?

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I interviewed 3/9/16 and they asked my group (4 people total) six questions.
1) Why Midwestern 2) Why pharmacy 3) describe a time you listened/something about listening skills 4) describe a time you motivated someone 5) what is an important characteristic for a pharmacist to have 6) what makes you most nervous about attending Midwestern/pharmacy school in general

Then there were 2 writing prompts that you're given 30 minutes to complete, but it honestly takes 15 or less. They asked:
1) describe a time you displayed leadership by either relating to others, communicating/collaborating with others, and/or motivating others
2) how would handle a situation in which you caught a classmate cheating off you in class

Overall the interview process was really relaxed and not too stressful.
I applied on November 1, got denied within 2 weeks, then my grades updated and was contacted for an interview within the week. Anyone know any great places to live? Going to be moving around July and looking to spend 700-800 a month for ourselves.
Hey all! I will be a part of the Class of 2020 as well, so excited! I'm looking for a roommate to get an apartment with for this upcoming year. Preferably female, private message me to see if we can work something out! I am 20 years old and coming from Loyola University Chicago undergrad :)
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I just received news of my acceptance! See you all in the Fall!
So much stuff to take care of before orientation! Yikes.
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Got accepted after being waitlisted but will be turning it down
finally got all the health papers etc...all done can't wait to finally start school and get out there in the real world! looking forward to starting here in the fall!
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Interviewed 4/8
Got accepted 3 days later after my interview 4/11
And will be joining CCP Class of 2020. I will be moving from Houston to Chicago, I'm nervous but excited at the same time. Ready to meet new people and build a strong foundation friendship with Class of 2020 classmate. Congrats to all.
Is it okay to repeat a pre-requisite after being accepted into the program? I know it just says to complete everything by the end of summer!
Is it okay to repeat a pre-requisite after being accepted into the program? I know it just says to complete everything by the end of summer!
What do you mean? Did you fail the class? If you are accepted for 2016, i don't think you have much time left to repeat anything as school starts in one month. In any case, contact the schools they can give you definite answer.

EDIT : sorry i didn't see this was for Chicago campus. Discard my advice as it only valid for glendale campus..
Has anyone been having trouble navigating the Midwestern portal lately? I have been able to log on but I cannot click on any links for the last week. I can see that they have added many new links but I can't open them!
New application cycle, so I figured I'd start a thread for the class of 2020.
Good luck everyone! Feel free to ask any questions you have.

I'm currently going into my PS-2 year, and I know there's a lot of other current students on SDN.

Here's links to the past few threads, in case you get bored and want to see what other people have asked. :p
Class of 2019 thread: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/midwestern-ccp-c-o-2019.1095625/
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Again, good luck! :luck:

I'm so glad someone is keeping the threads alive!! Thank you Lunesta! :D