Midwestern University Glendale Arizona Interview and chicago

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Jan 29, 2018
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I wanted to know if anyone got accepted into the midwestern university Glendale campus or Chicago campus pharmacy program this year? If you do not mind can you please write how was the experience in the interview? How likely we are going to get accepted if we did okay in the interview? Also, what kind of questions they ask and how you approached them. I would appreciate it if you guys helped me.

Thank you.

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This school is shady. Take a loot at their Glendale page: College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus. First of all their graduate employment rate is atrocious: only 90 of 138 graduates of 2021 have secured employment (that's only 65% of the entire class). They said only 75% seeked employment, but let's be honest, you don't just graduate and not look for work - not only do you allow your loans to grow interest but an employment gap just looks bad on your resume. Secondly they claim "pharmacist demand is expected to increase 19% through 2030" but when you click on their reference to BLS below, you'll actually find out pharmacist demand is actually negative. They are straight up LYING on their website, it's blatant if you bother to even click their references. Their Chicago website does not even list any stats anymore (it used to last year) - probably took it down because it was so goddamn embarrassing lol.

TLDR: school has terrible stats and tries to lie to prospective students.